Passion Project – #Description

This is my passion: Skiing. I like skiing because it is fun for me and I get to hang out with my friends and family.

For my second Passion Project I will be making a montage of the skiing experiences I have had with my family. I already have the video clips I need and I will be putting them into Adobe Premiere Pro and making a film.

The technology that was used to film the clips are my dads phone, my mums phone, a goggle camera and hand held camera. There will also be some photos. The video editing software that I am going to use to make the film is said Adobe Premiere Pro.

My film/ montage will be aimed at the people who have an interest in skiing and also the people who are just getting started with skiing.

What I’m looking forward to is going through the videos and sorting them out into which ones go in the montage and finding the music to go with it.

My dad took this.

Year 6 Science – What is Matter?

What I Learnt:

In these lessons I have learnt that Matter constructs the world around us. It can be found everywhere in the universe. Anything that has mass or that takes up space is matter. Did you know that 16.5% of your weight on earth is how much you would weigh on the moon. Also that weight changes depending on where you are but your mass always stays the same. Matter is made up of substances called elements which have specific chemical and physical properties and they are made of atoms.

There are 5 states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma (which makes up 99% of the universe) and Rubidium which was man made by scientists trying to get the the temperature to absolute 0 although they only reached -270 Degrees Celsius which resulted in Rubidium.

Here are the 3 most important physical properties to describe matter: 1. shape 2. space and 3. mass. Solid = Mass, definite shape, definite volume and the atoms are tightly packed.                                        Liquid = Mass, no definite shape, definite volume, and the atoms are further apart.                                  Gas = Mass, no definite shape, no definite volume and the atoms are far apart.

Before today I thought that mass and weight were the same but now I know that mass is how much space something takes up, and that weight is how heavy something is. Using pressure and/ or temperature you can change matter from one state to the next. For example: if you have an ice cube and leave in the sun for a bit it will melt into a liquid. That is using temperature to change a solid into a liquid.


So far on my Passion Project journey I have shot a few small clips of me making a coffee also my dad and I have taken a few pictures of different types of patterns you can make on a coffee, which includes the leaf, the cactus, the bush and many more.

My knowledge has been growing throughout this project, in other words I have been learning many things about coffee as the Passion Project goes on. One of the things I have learnt is how to make different patterns with the milk that is poured into the coffee. My best pattern is at the bottom of this page.

Some successes I have had in this project are being able to make good patterns which is key to a good coffee and also being able to obtain knowledge of the origin of coffee, of which I will be telling you in the tutorial.

I think my next step will be to some more filming, as well as finding pictures of different types of coffee to inform you on the diversity of coffee. Then I am going to put it all together and do a voice over on the parts that need it.

Passion Project

Coffee Tutorial.

During the Covid-19 Crisis my dad has taught me how to make coffee. My Passion Project will be on how to make a Flat White. I will start by telling you the origin of where the coffee drink came from and who first made it. I will touch on the main parts of an espresso machine and what they do as well as show what other types of espresso coffee look like. And finally demonstrate how to make the Flat White.

My tutorial will be mainly for people who would like to know how to make a coffee and also people who would like to be informed on the different espresso coffee types. The film will be shot on a mobile device because it will have better quality film.