in simple machines we discovered the 6 main simple machines. they each worked differently because had their owned functions the made them unique and different to each other. they weren’t technology […]

humming bird

today I learnt how to use the humming and learnt to use the humming to its maximum purpose. I have completed a few modules which we are suppose to do. […]

me book reflection

How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates? I got to learn about others and what I shouldn’t do to them and what makes them happy. […]

Arduino is free coding program which you can make your own projects. today in design I created a few projects on the Arduino I discovered many pieces such as the […]

Lego mindstorms ev3 project

This week in Lego mind storms me and Abhi started creating an ev3 robot. Underneath I have written a bit about it with pictures. The steps of making the robot […]

mask project

this is my mask project, I have learnt how to sew and create electronics work by sewing a special type of thread. I also learnt that wires can be short circuited if […]

Me and Abhi worked together to make the dancing birds which’d was functioned by cobs a pulley. We also made it dance to music and make cool music. Next me […]