My passion project did not work out because I did make it work but then when i brought it to school it stopped working and I couldn’t fix it. Some […]

Passion Project #Update

So far I have got my pieces together and have put the parts together and are following the instructions I got off a Arduino website that is guiding me what […]

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke explains that we need to eat from our local farmers as they don’t put chemicals that can destroy your kidney also people are now changing the genes inside the […]

Passion Project

My passion project is going to be making cool stuff out of Arduino. For my first one over the term I am likely to do something that uses the keyboard. […]

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard’s main message was that violence isn’t the key to solving conflict between them. Another message was persistence as he trail and error because he tried so many different strategies. […]

Think Online

THINK is a acronym that stands for T for true, H for helpful, I for inspiring, N for necessary and K for kind. T stands for true because you do […]

Thomas Suarez TED talk

I took away what you can do and there can also be a lot of fun in creating your own app.Teachers can learn from students in technology and don’t just […]

This clinic we were doing green screen and learning how to use it effectively and get the best quality. First, we were told that the original name is chrome key, […]

This clinic I was learning the basics of editing videos. We were told that this year we would be using Adobe Premiere Pro. First part of the power point was […]

This clinic we were learning about the shotgun microphones. They were used for quite close range and were better than the in built camera microphone. We were also told not […]