I have made a drone and have learnt coding and more about Arduino stuff. I did loads about soldering and researching on different pieces. it was important to do research […]

design projects

we were told to write a thing about other peoples projects. I liked this project because it was fun to play over and over again because if you got a […]

This term we read the bombing of Darwin it was about a kid called tom who writes a diary about what Is happening. Tom’s family move to Darwin which is […]

Year 5 camp blog post

Monday, we went to the Grampians it was covered by a many of hills and two mountains. First, we took our bags out and sorted the bags and given a […]

today in RVE we talked about what groups we belonged to. Some of us were from sports groups. what groups do you belong to? I was belonged to many group […]

representations of divison

the problems above are facts that match with each other the others are also the same like problem like some are times ands others are division. the is our were […]

Arduino quadcopter

 Arduino Quadcopter Tuesday Week 4 This was the first session for many peoples projects but we (Euan, Hayden, Abhi and Ishaan) had already done about 8 weeks of research. We […]