This clinic we were doing green screen and learning how to use it effectively and get the best quality. First, we were told that the original name is chrome key, […]

This clinic I was learning the basics of editing videos. We were told that this year we would be using Adobe Premiere Pro. First part of the power point was […]

This clinic we were learning about the shotgun microphones. They were used for quite close range and were better than the in built camera microphone. We were also told not […]

This clinic with Mr Henderson we were working with wireless microphones that also had a shocking range of 30 metres. The grade had a variety of wireless microphones lapel mics […]

In this clinic we learnt about how to get free music. First we were tested on different songs that would go well with different videos. Mr Galluccio next told us […]

This clinic we learnt  how to make a basic tips and tricks to make a awesome video. you had to start with the planning stage which took about 60% of […]

In this clinic we were using the zoom cameras the had a in built microphone it was one of the best that the school owned. it’s features were a wrist […]

Audio Booths

This clinic we had a tutorial on how to operate the audio booths. You had to make sure that you didn’t touch the mic or else it would ruin your […]