March 31

Building model wooden cars with Anatoli


Last week all the year 5 classes built little wooden cars in the vacant year 6 space. [We did the same thing in year 2 if you were not here then.] Before we started making the car’s we chose the model and brand. I chose Alfa Romeo, then we out lined the model onto a piece of thin wood with a pencil. Let’s get our safety goggles on and get started. We all got a handsaw and started cutting the wood to look like our model. Anatoli put the wheels and the gearboxes on. On top of the lockers there was a free parking area that most of us parked in. if we had finished our cars we were able to make a driver of our choice I chose the F1 driver. We got to decorate the little drivers and nail them to the top of our cars. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope we get to do something like it again.

yesterday we did our testing on witch surface our car worked on the best. my car went the furthest on the tennis court because there was more room and no interruptions to stop the car from rolling and the tennis court helps because it doesn’t have as much grip as the other surfaces.  the other surfaces are carpet and grass. here is my distances for my different surfaces



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