March 21

Just a dog reflection

We have just finished one of our class novels. It has been a really interesting book that I would recommend it to anyone of all ages. This book has a lot of themes that you might relate to, sadness, happiness, loss and excitement. if your looking for the book here is a photo on what it looks like

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the story is about a young boy called cory and his big dog Mr Moesley. They have many adventures and story’s some good some bad.

One of their adventures was when Mr Moesly got lost for 2 weeks but I wont spoil it for you, so you should go read the book and find out what happens to Mr Moesly. Again I think this a great book full of emotion and you might even connect to the story in your own way.

Every day when I come to school I think ‘’I can’t wait to read just a dog.’’

in my opinion Mr Moesley was the glue that held the family together after so many fights among each other.

so stop reading this blog and go get the book either from your closest library or go buy it at your local book store.

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