Great Ocean Road Makey Makey Project.

In this design project we had to choose a place and make an interactive presentation\exhibit on it. We chose the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles.Eliza and my aim is to teach people about the Twelve Apostles and The Great Ocean Road.

In the first day of doing it we did the plan and design:


we made 2 houses:


  1. The great ocean road is 243km long.
  2.  the towns it goes through are:




lorne and many more.

3.there are more than  12 towns on the Great Ocean Road.

4. around 1,230 cars use The Great Ocean Road everyday.

5. 4 of the apostles are eroded so now there are 8 not 12.

this is us making the1 of our apostles

this is just a start: