My Passion Project


This term for my passion project i am doing how to begin to ride a motor bike.  I choose this because I am about to get a motor bike. I will present it in a film on adobe premier pro. I will make it for the people who are interested in getting a motor bike. In this I will use a motor bike and safety gear. I will video this with my phone.


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My Passion Project


I achieved what I had planed to do by making the dog pen. I had a few challenges like finding the right sized net to go over the top and to make the fence solid. I overcame the challenges by getting a bigger net and cutting it to fit and with the fence we used cable ties to tighten it. If I had more time I would extend the pen.


My Passion Project

# update

I have put the star pickets in the ground and I am about to attach fence to it so I can keep the puppy in the pen. I learnt how to put star pickets in the ground and to hang a gate. A challenge was to get the gate up and I found it easy to put the star pickets in the ground. My next step is to design the inside of the cubby.


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Some of the messages was to choose organic food, know where your food comes from and change one person at a time. I think I found that the most strong peace of research was they use fish DNA is tomato’s and not all farms animals eat hay role around and be happy some have to be locked up and have to eat food with chemicals. I found it  sad because we eat this food every day without knowing about this.

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

I think one of the messages was not everything is as it seems. Another one was small things can make a big impact.

He got the messages across by humour and different pictures. I think he change of voice.

He used a clicker, microphone and screens. He made it look like he had no screens witch is good.

He used hand movements well. I think he changed his voice really well.

He made the message really clear and he presented well. I felt the emotion when he showed to picture of the dead cow.

Think Online

THINK has 5 acronyms “T” is it true “H” is it helpful “I” is it inspiring “N” is it necessary “K” is it kind.


True don’t write something that is made up because if you lie you could hurt there feelings.

Helpful if it is not helpful don’t post it i think helpful means something that could help them, if it is not helpful it make them upset.

Inspiring i think Inspiring means not nasty make them inspired.

Necessary i think it means is it the right word at the right time.

Kind i think kind means if it is nasty don’t post it.

T: i did no find any thing

H: helping them

I: interesting

N: nice

K: i did not find any thing

My Passion Project



My Passion Project is going to be building a dog pen to prepare for a puppy. I choose this because I like building things and because soon we are getting a puppy. I’m going to learn how to use power tools. I am looking forward to it because it means i can spend more time with my Dad. This project is targeted at people looking at getting a puppy.


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