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Don Bradman book

It is about Don Bradman an Australian cricketer and Douglas Jardine the captain of the England cricket team. And Douglas ordered them to do bodyline. Bodyline is where the fast bowlers short bowl the ball and the ball bounces up into their face and if they put their bat up it will bounce off their bat and the fielders will catch them. The book follows Victor, a young boy who likes cricket through his life and school. And it was during the Great Depression. It made his dad lose a job in Stockton and then he got fired so they moved to Sydney and his dad got a job there and live with Victors uncle and aunty.

I liked the description, Victor’s school cricket and the part were the Don bashed the ball for 4 and 6. I enjoyed how the book was told in the life of a boy. I did not like when Douglas ordered the bowlers to bowl bodyline. Who will win the ashes.

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