3D printed mini skate park and rube Goldberg machine


Goldberg skate park


first our idea was to just make a mini skate park but as we started it was to easy because I 3D printed on my last project so we decided to make rube Goldberg machine using our ramps and the mini skate board to make a skateboard launch on one of the ramps.





These are the pictures of our tech decks that we are using for our ramps and the object that will set all the things of on our rube Goldberg machine.





This is a picture of our modified elevator because the last taller one kept on falling down and it made it really hard to use. Then we made a new stronger design that meant we weren’t having to re build it every 5 minutes.

3D printing:

What we are going to 3D print are a mini mega ,vert ramp ,quaterpipe ,triangle ,foam pit , and if we have time a mini skateboard deck. The program that I use for when I 3D print is cold solid works.

New elevator:

The elevator was still really unstable so we cut a hole in a chub and put the motor in it and sat it across the tables.

This is a picture of the pipes for the marble to run down

Where to next:

Make the elevator working with the skateboard in it.

Today I made the elevator work and set the rube gold burg machine.

first the marble rolls down the clear pipe then it goes to the big white pipe to get allot of speed then it goes around the cardboard then through the sticks then hits the car on the orange run and then the car rolls down into the elevator and then gets lifted into the WeDo that lifts it onto the skate park.

Where to next:

next Tuesday I want to get the programing for the elevator and get some more ramps 3D printed.


I think that this project is cool because I think that 3D printing is really hard and I think they did a really good job at it. This project inspired me because George the inventor told me how to 3D print, he helped me allot with how to make it 3D and how to make different shapes.

I think that this was cool  the idea of the drone and I also liked the look of the motor. The way it works is here is a battery connects to the 30 A opto witch then connects to the motor that spins though they are missing a few pieces still. they also are 3D printing the shell for the drone and have 3D printed a prototype of the model.

I think that this is a really cool and I want to make one with sphero and 3D printed ramps. The way that this works

project/hover-soccer and goals

This is my project hover soccer and goals and my journey through designing and make the finished product. 

Week 4

First we had to draw what we wanted to make then write what we need for it so the teachers can order the things we need for our project. Then we started to research on witch motor we will need to lift he 3D printed shell.

Today we worked on the goals and made a prototype.

Tuesday week 5

We used hummingbird for lights and the sensor though we manly just used this for the hummingbird programing. We got the idea for the for the lights and sensor because we used the lights and a the distance sensor in hummingbird when we used the hummingbird kit in design.

Friday week 5

Today will my partner left so I decided to do more 3D printing I 3D printed the outside shell of the ball for the foam to sit in. We had already tried to 3D print the top of our ball but the first time the machine stoped and the second time the 3D printer got clogged up and broke.

This is a snip of the model still in solid works:

It is a birds  I view look over  the model.

week 6 Tuesday

Today we had a concert so we missed out on one session of design and then I had a music lesson so by the time I got back it was cleaning up time for design so I did not get anything done.

Image result for makerbot

week 6 Friday

Today I tried to 3D print the outer circle of the ball though when I tried to print it the machine stoped working and started saying that the                        slipped then it said the  3D printer was jammed so I did not get that 3D printed though I did learn how to make the program 3D from George cerci teaching me.

week 7 Friday:

We got the wood today!

Today we got the wood for our goals. then me and will agreed on our  design and drilled the wood together then we had to drill the howl for the distance sensor to fit into. We also got the centre ring for our hover ball today.

This is a video of me drilling the howl for the sensor:

week 8 Tuesday:

Today we were at camp!

Week 8 Friday:

Today we got the top circle after the third time for the top of the ball and glued them together and then we worked on the program for the hover ball. We were trying for ages until we realised the wires were placed wrong on the kit , but then we got the program and were going to spray paint the goals. We also got the side piece of our goals and found out that it was to small so we asked if we could get another one so that we can stick them together.Today I brought the spray paint so we asked the art room if they a art smock and masks. Then we spray painted the goals but when we hade one side left we decided that we would put tape in lines to make the tape say green and red so when we spray paint it, it will say green and red on the wood when you take the tape off.

This is our program:


Week 9 Tuesday:

Today we got the next ring for the ball which was our last piece for our ball so we started to construct the hover soccer together by hot gluing the pieces together when we finished that it didn’t work because air was escaping out the side so that it didn’t have another pressure to hover. so that’s why we have tape around the ball to stop the air from escaping though we finished our project.


Week 9 Friday:

Today me and will worked on the presentation for our project on presentation day so we can tell and show the people what we learned what went well were we are going next and why we did it.


What we learned from our project:

From this I learned how to 3D print from not being able to 3D print anything to 3D printing a hover soccer ball shell. I also learned how to use wood different things, so we made goals and I learned how to screw the screws in. Spray painting was fun when I was learning how to do it to knowing how to do it. I think that this project as benefited me after doing this because of everything that I have learned from this.



I have had allot of problems with technology. The 3D printer has broken twice and someone tuched and moved the ball out of place so it did not work. I have thought, is there a more reliable thing to do then 3D printing or is that the only way to do what my project. The screws for the goals split the wood so we had to put PVA in the cracks and the clamp it together. We also had allot of trouble with the air escaping out the ball so there was no pressure in the ball.


Sphero and Bloxels


In sphero’s our first task was to make the sphero go around the course without touching  the blue tape.

I think that it was really hard the first time though after you had done it ones it was easier to do the second challenge.

The second challenge we were aloud to make ourselves.


I think that it is hard to program because there is speed and distance in the same brick.

Then we decided to get out the jumps.

This was a matter of speed a run up and aim.

Then there was the obstacle.


Bloxels was fun (especially playing the game) we first made a easy level hen we decided we could do better so we made a level that that bad guys all fall in on top of you when there’s a little amount of blocks to hide under. After we made the game we then decided to make it more game looking lets say. That took like an hour to finish editing it to look cool we played the game.