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In this project we had to make a flag wrote about there social behavers there customs and all about there religion.

Differences:                                                                                                                                               I think the differences are that they where really different cloths and there is allot of different cultures inside for only 17.3 million people. Zimbabwe also eat strange food like water hog crocodile and they eat allot of peanut butter. They use peanut butter for breakfast porridge thickened with peanut butter, lunch and dinner.

Similarity’s:                                                                                                                                                I think there mane similarity is, is that they play allot of cricket. Most of there population is Christian. They have a flag. They have a capital city.


Passion Project

I am going to make a graphic and then print it on my skateboard which I made last time. I will use adobe spark sketch on my dads iPad and then print it on the deck.

Passion Project #Update

So far me and my dad have ordered the wood and air bag press to shape the deck. First we had to choose what deck to make, we chose a type called the drop deck witch means that your feet are bellow the top of the trucks and it has no kicker witch is a 45 degree angle on one side or both that means you can smack it on the ground to pop. I have also made the design and have drawn and measured how large and wide it needs to be.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke explained as a message what would you rather do pay the famer more than a supermarket or pay the supermarket and the hospital. Birke also said how they spray the food with chemicals that can make the food travel thousand and thousands of km.

He also explained how he thought animals where treated cows in fields of grass and pigs rolling in mud, he later found out how they where really treated locked up in barns and eating chemicalized grass that can give all the animals kidney and liver diseases including cancer.

Another one of Birke’s Messages was that more kids need to know what food, people are eating and you are eating and what the effects that these chemicals can do to you. I think that he was also trying to say that most adds are aimed at children and that they don’t say anything about what the chemicals do. They also mix fish DNA and tomato DNA to make the food taste better.

Some of his quotes that improved his speech and made us more engaged were…

1. “Would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

2.”Go organic because you don’t know what is inside it”

3.”We will change this one kid at a time to make the difference”

Passion Project

My Passion Project is going to be to build a skateboard. I am planning to bend and curve the wood for the kick tail witch is a bend on the end of the deck will make you be able to kick the tail of the board in the ground to pop. I am also going to make a concave on the edges on the deck to make it look like what I want the board to look like. The technology that I am going to use will be my phone for time laps and my GoPro for any other footage that I might want to film. I am going to learn from this is more about wood works and how the air bag press machine works. I am exited to see how I can make this skateboard and if I will amaze my class about this project.

Image result for air bag skate press

Richard Turere TED Talk

The mane messages are to not give up and you will never make something perfect first try. Also that most small ideas have the biggest impacts. Justice is not made by killing its good ideas.

The way that he wanted to get his message across to a audience was to TED. He wanted to make a difference in people killing when thee is small invention that are easy to make that will make as much difference as killing with no animals being harmed.

He had a Lepel microphone to make his voice louder so everyone could here him clearly. He also had a clicker so he could change the slides easily and on time to improve his message.

The techniques he used well were eye contact so then he could always tell where his audience is looking. He also added humour to his script so the audience was always engaged. He also made sure that you where paying attention.


Think online

Think is  acronym that stands for…

T is it true, you have to think if telling that lie will Harm  anyone or make someone feel       down and if it has any of that don’t ever click send.

H is it helpful, will it make them feel happy and will it improve there post. to make it inspiring.

I is it inspiring, is this post going to help them and inspire them. Will it make them feel happy or good.

N is it necessary, do you have to post and will it make a positive difference. Or tell them feedback on how to improve it.

K is it kind, will it help the other person that you are sending the message to be happy or feel positive.

I could of replaced them for…

harmful, interesting and nice.




Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I took away from Thomas’s TED talk was that its not just about playing the games its how much fun it is to create games as well as play them. I also took away that allot of children know more about technology then most adults because of how much its grown in only a few years.

He used allot of expression and  used his hands to keep the audience interested. Thomas also added humour and changed his tone of voice.

He had his iPad to check where he was and a clicker to make sure the pictures were on time for when he spoke what he was saying.

Thomas used expression, humour, he used the stage well, voice projection and eye contact.