Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke explained as a message what would you rather do pay the famer more than a supermarket or pay the supermarket and the hospital. Birke also said how they spray the food with chemicals that can make the food travel thousand and thousands of km.

He also explained how he thought animals where treated cows in fields of grass and pigs rolling in mud, he later found out how they where really treated locked up in barns and eating chemicalized grass that can give all the animals kidney and liver diseases including cancer.

Another one of Birke’s Messages was that more kids need to know what food, people are eating and you are eating and what the effects that these chemicals can do to you. I think that he was also trying to say that most adds are aimed at children and that they don’t say anything about what the chemicals do. They also mix fish DNA and tomato DNA to make the food taste better.

Some of his quotes that improved his speech and made us more engaged were…

1. “Would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital”

2.”Go organic because you don’t know what is inside it”

3.”We will change this one kid at a time to make the difference”

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