3D printed mini skate park and rube Goldberg machine


Goldberg skate park


first our idea was to just make a mini skate park but as we started it was to easy because I 3D printed on my last project so we decided to make rube Goldberg machine using our ramps and the mini skate board to make a skateboard launch on one of the ramps.





These are the pictures of our tech decks that we are using for our ramps and the object that will set all the things of on our rube Goldberg machine.





This is a picture of our modified elevator because the last taller one kept on falling down and it made it really hard to use. Then we made a new stronger design that meant we weren’t having to re build it every 5 minutes.

3D printing:

What we are going to 3D print are a mini mega ,vert ramp ,quaterpipe ,triangle ,foam pit , and if we have time a mini skateboard deck. The program that I use for when I 3D print is cold solid works.

New elevator:

The elevator was still really unstable so we cut a hole in a chub and put the motor in it and sat it across the tables.

This is a picture of the pipes for the marble to run down

Where to next:

Make the elevator working with the skateboard in it.

Today I made the elevator work and set the rube gold burg machine.

first the marble rolls down the clear pipe then it goes to the big white pipe to get allot of speed then it goes around the cardboard then through the sticks then hits the car on the orange run and then the car rolls down into the elevator and then gets lifted into the WeDo that lifts it onto the skate park.

Where to next:

next Tuesday I want to get the programing for the elevator and get some more ramps 3D printed.

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