Sphero and Bloxels


In sphero’s our first task was to make the sphero go around the course without touching  the blue tape.

I think that it was really hard the first time though after you had done it ones it was easier to do the second challenge.

The second challenge we were aloud to make ourselves.


I think that it is hard to program because there is speed and distance in the same brick.

Then we decided to get out the jumps.

This was a matter of speed a run up and aim.

Then there was the obstacle.


Bloxels was fun (especially playing the game) we first made a easy level hen we decided we could do better so we made a level that that bad guys all fall in on top of you when there’s a little amount of blocks to hide under. After we made the game we then decided to make it more game looking lets say. That took like an hour to finish editing it to look cool we played the game.

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