Me book reflection

1.How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

I think this help me learn about what my class mates like to do, what they don’t like and how they feel when things happen to them. I think that this will help us because we then can find out how to cheer them up if there feeling sad or they could be really alike you and you’d have heaps of fun with them. I also think that it’s good for us to get to now some classmates better then we already did.

2. Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

I think that It was hard and easy to think of things to draw for example, some things you think about can be personal or you don’t want to share it with other people. Then there are allot of things that you might want to share or tell other people about in your life. I personally thought it was easy to think about things to tell other people about because none are really personal to me.

3. Did you discover anything about yourself?

I think that I learned that its not hard to tell other people about yourself and that its good to learn what other people like, dislike and have fun doing what they like to do.

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