With my animation I have done the bulk of drawing the main character and the backgrounds. This was fun but frustrating because when I was cutting out the base model I cut through the whole model. But through a lot of sticky tape I got it back together to trace. Next I hope to start taking the pictures which hopefully won’t take long.


Conservation Film

This film is about a chosen animal that you think needs help. Then we go to the zoo and film a lot of footage of the animal and a small piece to camera. We are doing this because the animals need help and hopefully people will want to help them after they have seen our films. My film is going to be about the helmeted honeyeater. This is my script.

Imagine a bird wearing armour. Well it really exists. It belongs to Australia and is called the helmeted honeyeater. But despite its helmet, it is almost extinct. There are three semi-wild populations left in the world. This is due to that they live in small confined spots meaning a bushfire or a drought could wipe out its whole population. Its habitat also is constantly shrinking due tree dieback. PTC: How could we let these animals, which were the state bird of Australia die out? We need to help them. VO: Sometimes you think it won’t matter to cut down a tree, but what if that tree could have a future nest in it. The main reason to their small confined spaces they live in is habitat loss. Think about it. They like us need shelter, water and most importantly good food. But we just go and cut their main source of food for its view or because there’s something valuable underneath. We need to stop cutting down trees that honeyeaters could nest in. Sometimes we need to just stand back and look at what we have done. Then maybe we can realise that almost all the animals that are extinct or endangered is because of us and our greed. (Pause) We made it our state bird; we need to keep it that way.

I want to do the part where it suddenly switches quite dark about the bird as a piece to camera because I think it would give a quite nice effect on the audience.

Building Views

In this project we first had to find out what the front and side view were given a plan of the roof. This was quite easy and non-challenging. Luckily there was a 2nd part of the puzzle. This was to find out the layout of a building given the views only. We had to find out how to do it with 15 blocks, the maximum and the minimum. Once we had completed them all we had to find out the variables of the minimum. This means changing the top view but the front and side views stay the same. Once we completed this which was a lot harder we used the maths 300 app to use randomly generated puzzles and solve them as fast as possible. I found this puzzle fun and easy at parts but challenging at times as well.

PP Term 3 #description

My passion project this going to be an animation about animating. In other words it is going to show people the basics of animating and why it is fun. For this I will use my I-Pad along with Stop Motion Studio. Most people like to use a proper camera but the only main difference is light flicker. My project is aimed at any body that likes watching animations or want to start but don’t know how. It will also hopefully be cool to watch. My favourite part of animating is the “filming” but that is probably my main flaw as it makes you want to skip through the planning stage. I can’t wait to start. 😀😛😀😛

Moldovan Culture

This term we were challenged with doing a 2 page spread of a different countries culture. This had to include social behaviours, religions and their customs. I chose Moldova because it is a country that is not very often heard of, probably because it is between 2 large countries. I knew very little about it and when I first heard of it I thought is was a joke.

(Photo may be blurry. Click photo for better resolution.)

I think the main difference between Australian culture and Moldovan culture is that we are multi cultural while they are almost completely Eastern Orthodox. Another difference is that lunch is their main meal while ours is dinner. They also eat a lot of different foods. They have beetroot soup as their starter and a cornmeal mush as a side dish.

There is so many differences but where there id differences there will be similarities. Like our clothing. Unless your a rural person you wear normal European clothing. And when they go on holiday they go to the sea or mountains. They also have breakfast like we do. They treat like a meal to keep you going until lunch.

If I lived in Moldova I would first try their Mititei which is grilled sausages with capsicum. This looks like a delicious meal but looks aren’t everything are they. 😉 Then I would wait for Martisor. Martisor is a celebration where you hang 2 pieces of rope braided together on your collar. It symbolizes natures revival as it is held in spring. I would find it hard to fit into their religion though as I would have to go into the 1% of other religions. Another difficulty would be to learn Romanian. It is nothing like English or French the only 2 languages I know.

Moldova is a very interesting country and I wouldn’t say no to moving there. It is growing in popularity and I hope more people will know of it if they were asked about it as it is a beautiful country with stunning views.

PP #Reflect

My Passion Project was about my travels over the holidays. I did achieve what I wanted at the start of the term but now I wish I could have got my mums photos of France and England. My best success was probably finding out how to record voice-overs straight onto premier, which was extremely useful as it stopped you having to record thousands of time and then selecting the right ones. The biggest challenge was definitely finding out all photos that have come of a phone come into premier rotated. This cut me back a bit, as I knew I could not just carry on and finish the film like that but I did not know how to solve it. Luckily, the next morning, Hugo Zumpe helped me fix it. As I already said I wish could have put in pictures of the other countries and slightly edit the photos so the parts that I want people see is enhanced.


OTTT Great Ocean Road

The place that I want to do my film about is the Great Ocean Road.  The construction was started in 1919. It was built by 3000 returned soldiers and was finished in 1939. At times the soldiers lowered themselves down on ropes and dug footholds. Then they carried on making the footholds bigger until others were able to hop down and help. They couldn’t use TNT because they didn’t have a license. Alderman Howard Hitchcock was the mayor of the town at the time and he was the one who brought the plans to life. He managed to get 81,000 pounds from private subsriptions to help the construction. He is sometimes known as the father of the road.

I want to make a movie about the workers conditions and how hard it was for them to build the road without any machinery or a TNT license. Like the how scared they must have been hanging on a rope with a 10-20 metre drop below them.

I think this story is worth sharing because I don’t think the workers get enough credit after fighting a war and then building one of the biggest tourist attraction in the Melbourne district.

I plan to green screen re-enact the part when they lower themselves on the ropes. I think it will get the audiences attention.

Image result for Great ocean



My passion Project is going to be about my travels around Europe. I am definitely going to involve Germany, Italy and France. I am going to use Adobe premier and maybe Adobe Photoshop. My film is going to be targeted at pretty much everybody. I’m looking forward to remembering every part of my holiday again.

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Win At The Fair

Win at the fair is a game that you would find at the fair. You roll the dice and what number you get determines where you go.

That board make you lose money. We were given the task of making a board that made money if we were charging a dollar a game. My first board wasn’t that enticing because I had a zero so I changed it drastically. This is my board that I changed it to.

I swapped the 50c and 20c because the place where the 20c is, is more often landed on.

This is the proof that it made money.

I got it right on my first try though I though I could do better. I made it better by switching the directions. This actually helped when I thought it would stay the same. I think it is enticing because there is no o dollars. Though there is 20c and 50c it still seems like you’re still winning something.

Myself As A Reader

When I read I like to get into the most comfortable position possible. I read anywhere, anytime I can. I like silence to read though sometimes I read in blaring music. When I read I go completely silent unless there is a funny part of the book. The most recent book I read is Carnage. I knew it was right because it hooked me in and I wanted to keep reading. When there is a book I don’t want to read I lose my focus. My favourite book is probably Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. This is because it is action packed and about a world of monster and magic.