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Fays nines is a project based around finding patterns. We had to find a pattern/rule to get to the final amount of solutions which is 180. One solution had to equal 999. Example: 874+963+521=999   When is started playing I… Continue Reading →

Term 4 Passion project #description

I’m making the letter H because my last name is Hayden and I’m making this for my parents.. I’m also adding pictures of my family. I’m working on my passion project with Josh R because he has a farm with power… Continue Reading →

Passion Project #reflection

I didn’t achieve the skiing video but I do like what I have done now. I’m doing an Africa slide show of all the photos me and my mum took. The biggest challenges was to find the best photo but… Continue Reading →


    In RVE we made a report about a country so we could see the differences and similarities. I did Mozambique.   These are the differences There fashion is different. they wear traditional clothing like head scarves, capulan which are… Continue Reading →

Building Views

Today I started on an activity called building views. Building views is were you have 4×4 grid with numbers 0-4 in each box. Then on a grid you use cubes to build the building on the 4×4 grid. Then the… Continue Reading →

Space Habitat

This is my space habitat for Mr G’s clinic

PP Term 3 #update

When I was skiing I didn’t get much video so now I am making a slide show of my Africa trip. I will put in the best videos of photos and maybe talk about it. I think this will even… Continue Reading →

Passion project term 3 #description

This term for my passion project I’m going to do skiing. I’m going  to falls creak and filming me there. What I’m going to use is a go pro. Why I’m doing this is to get better at skiing and… Continue Reading →

Passion Project #reflect

I have finally finished my passion project. I loved the experience and all the challenges i faced like when the wind tunnel didn’t work and when one of the elastic ropes broke. but what i did was make the top… Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

At the start of the investigation we played with the losing game board. We played  117 games, and the price for 1 game was $1. So the amount of money in was $117 but the amount out was $213.40. so… Continue Reading →

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