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WEEK 1 This week I did scratch. scratch is an app and a website that let you program games, challenges and animations. This week we did three different challenges. The first challenge was De Bug-It. De Bug-It is a program with a problem in… Continue Reading →

Term 3 Robotics

WEEK 1 This week I did robotics. The challenge we did had three parts in it. The first part was to get the robot to follow the middle of a strait black line. That part was not too hard, but the… Continue Reading →


MicroWorlds is all about helping us in robotics and helping us with angles and degrees. Quadrilaterals Today in MicroWorlds year5 made quadrilaterals. We all got to choose what quadrilaterals we made (apart from a square and a rectangle). I chose a  parallelogram…. Continue Reading →

Colour in fractions

Here is my colour in fractions sheet: Click the link below to see a video explanation to how I think that all those fraction together is 3 5/12: Colour in fractions-explanation-27witp6

Kites Investigation

To See this video click the link below. kites movie-2amgqpm

Simple Machines Workshop

The four sessions in the Simple Machines workshop are all about give us ideas for the Rube Goldberg machines we all do. Each session there is a activity run by the teachers but the forth session is were we put our creations… Continue Reading →


What is a robot? A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. What is a Program? A program is a specific set of ordered operations for a… Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg Machine

session 1 On Friday the 21/04/2017, year 5 did a Rube Goldberg machine challenge. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex machine to do a simple task with out any electronics, just wot we found In the classroom. The task… Continue Reading →

Investigating Friction

Questions: What will the surface  change about how far the car goes? We will change: surface. We will observe: the way the car move, and how far the car will go. We will keep the same: Car, Force that I push,… Continue Reading →

A Marathon of her own

Click The link below to see the narrating video Marathon of her own (small)-1ej3wwa  <—————————

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