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Editin clinic



Today we had our last film school clinic. It was for GREEN SCREEN, here is a short video

Wireless Mic Clinic

Shotgun Mic Clinic


Audio Booths

In the audio booths clinic we where using the audio booths to practice out voice recording. Here is what I learnt.    

Zoom Camera

In the zoom camera clinic, we learnt about well Zoom cameras. Here is a short video of what I learnt  

chelonia green

Do you like turtles, cerloows and oystercatcher’s. If you do you should read Chelonia Green by Christobel Mattingley! The book has lots of facts about he animals. Did you know that green turtles grow up to 1.5 meters long, and that the loggerhead… Continue Reading →

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Reuse: you should reuse paper, bags, glass/jars and hard plastic, and don’t throw everything away. To help you can also sell things, but first stop and think how you can reuse the product. Reduce: Reducing is the first step in the… Continue Reading →

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