DC Comics

In this DC session we looked at comics or cartoons relating to screens and phones. People would find this comic funny because the man is so engrossed in his phone that he isn’t paying attention to the person his having… Continue Reading →


For my passion project I have created a song on GargeBand (On my IPad) that goes for 1 minute and 48 seconds. It includes 2 sections, both of which consist of one or 2 drum beats, a lead and some sound… Continue Reading →

Win At The Fair

SESSION ONE When we first started “win at the fair”, Mr. G gave us a game board and told to pick a partner and play the game.The game worked like this: We would roll a dice and if it was 1,2,3,4… Continue Reading →

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette: Netiquette is being polite and kind on the internet and acting the same as you would in the real world. Flaming / Flame Wars: Flaming and Flame wars is when someone starts an online argument resulting in two or… Continue Reading →

THINK Online

Thoughtful Hurtful Intelligent Nasty Kind


So far in my passion project I have achieved:  A simple beat A melody An A and B section A solo section Through creating this I have learned: learn how to write a proper baseline that goes along with the… Continue Reading →


I’m going to write an instrumental track using my iPad and laptop, I am aiming for 1 to 2 minutes. I’m excited to start creating this song and will layer include a rim lapse or video of me making the… Continue Reading →

Birke Baehr | TED talk

It was clear that he was trying to say that you should know where your food comes from, and to eat local farmers produce rather than a supermarket brands.  He was also try to share his knowledge about eating genetically… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere | TED Talk

Richard Turere’s TED Talk was inspiring and showed how you can solve big problems with little resources. He also tackled his problems without hurting or killing any of the lions; also showing that violence isn’t always the answer. I think… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez | Ted Talk

I Think that Thomas Suarez is trying to get across to people that you don’t have to be an adult to do want you want to do, e.g.programming apps. He is also sharing what he likes doing and wants to teach… Continue Reading →

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