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Little Bits

In Design we have been using a tool called “LittleBits”, little  motherboards that connect to each other with magnets. We have been using the “Synth Kit” allowing us to make music using keyboards and oscillators to make a pitch.   We… Continue Reading →


Session 1 In Tinkering this week we have been exploring makey makeys, sort of motherboards that you attach electric conductors and you hook the motherboard to a computer and if you press the conductor an it will contoll the computer…. Continue Reading →

Chance Spinners

SPINNERS,    In class we have been working in Probability, we looked at a spinner and the mathematical probability of it. We have been using a website that randomises the chance of the hand landing on a certain colour. i made this… Continue Reading →


Week 1   This week in sewing we learnt how to use a sewing machine. We learnt 6 easy reminders to make sure that we were doing it    correctly. Then we got a  piece off fabric to practice on… Continue Reading →


The First Week The first week of term for design we have been using a program called scratch. Scratch is a website and app that allows you to make programs for games, art and more. I have used scratch before… Continue Reading →

Robotics (Term3)

Session 1 In design this term we are split into 2 groups – scratch and robotics. In robotics we are focusing on sensors. A few that we have used so far are the touch sensor and the colour sensor. (Touch)(Colour)  … Continue Reading →

Triangle Fractions

My Triangle Fractions Video!  


Session 1 (week 2) Today in Robotics we started to build our EV3 lego robots. We followed the Lego robotics magazine which I found way too easy but actually when it came to building it, that challenged me. When it… Continue Reading →

Colour Fractions

Maths Today…   Today in maths we played a game called Colour in Fractions. its a game where you roll 2 dice and it shows a fraction and whatever fraction it is, is what you need to colour in on the… Continue Reading →

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