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In this new subject I learnt about online safety and how to make sure that the person you send something to doesn’t think its sarcastic. The acronym think is the guide we should follow when we are sending something to someone or online. T is for think I think that we should all think about what we are saying before we send it. H is for helpful because you should make sure what you are saying is helpful to the person/ people you are sending it to. I is for inspiring you should make sure what you are saying is inspiring. N is for nice you must make sure that it is nice what you are saying. K in for kind make sure that it is kind what you are saying.


this is an update on my passion project, for my passion project I am doing the history of the Richmond football club. So far I have got lots of the information down and I will make that into a script or some writing. This has been fun so far and I have learnt a lot more than I already knew. Here is one of the pages I have done so far:




For my passion project I intend to do the last 38 years of the Richmond football clubs history. I think it would good because not many people know about Richmond’s history. I am passionate about footy and my favourite team is the Tigers. I will need something to research with and something to write on.


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Today we watched a boy called Birke Baehr and him present his TED Talk. His TED talk was about what’s wrong with our food system. He was talking about how when he was little he thought that cow lived in green grass land and pigs roll in mud all day but he found that it wasn’t that way. He found that they where kept in small sheds with a little bit of food and water. He also found that most food at the grocery store is poisoned to keep the bugs away and also had other foods DNA to make them look better.


He used some humour like how you could put the DNA from fish with the DNA of a tomato and some other jokes.


He used a microphone around his collar and he also used a projector to project some powerful images about some farms.


He used the space on the stage well and added some humour to keep his audience interested.

Richard Turere TED Talk

Today we watched a TED talk by a kid call Richard Turere. The main message was that there are better ways of fixing things than violence. He taught us how he hated lions because they harmed his animals but he also didn’t want to harm the lions so when he went out at night to try and keep the animals away he observed what was happening and ended up finding that the lions don’t like moving light. Then he drew a plan for something to keep the lions away which was a solar powered flashing lights.


He got the message across by having powerful images on the projector behind him he also had a very serious voice when needed he also added a bit of humour to keep his audience interested and focused. He also had no script so he had a lot of eye contact but he had to rehears the script a lot but he did that well.


He used a massive projector behind him to project his images that he wanted to show to the audience for a better image in their head because without the projector it may of been hard to get an image in their head. He also had a small microphone on his collar.


He had great eye contact to his audience which kept them interested. He also had a really serious voice when needed but also added some humour.

I also learnt that last year he hated lions but now he doesn’t hate them due to his invention that he is spreading around his country to people that had the same issue as him.

Image result for Richard Turere ted talk



Thomas Suarez TED Talk

In this TED Talk we learnt about a kid called Thomas who had a passion for making apps and he shared some of his ideas for the future and what he had already done.

In his TED Talk some of the main messages where that its not easy to make an app but with some support from his family, Apple and teachers he found a way to continue his passion. I also took away that don’t just quit because it is too hard just keep trying and I will work.

The way he got the message across to the audience was that he had great eye contact to the audience and he also kept the TED talk interesting. He also added a bit of humour to keep them interested.

He use an Ipad with something on it I think it may of been a list of things to talk about because he didn’t read directly off the Ipad. He also used a projector and a controller to project some of his apps onto the screen.

I think he had great eye contact to the audience and spoke well. He also added some humour to keep the audience focused on him and listening to him.


This was great to watch because this kid our age is doing a awesome TED Talk and teaching lots of different people that aren’t all his age.

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