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In digital citizenship we watched a few short films about online dangers and how to keep your personal information private. To do my reflection i chose to do it on a boy named Kieran who used to play games for fun when he was younger but then he started to not play with his friends even when they got bored at his house, he also didn’t stay hygienic by washing himself and brushing his teeth. Then when he got about 15 he played 13 hours a day! He even dropped out of school! He then told his dad about his addiction and he got help from a clinic that help people that are addicted and he slowly got back to doing all the things that gaming made him forget about. I think that he could of got a bit more social and played with his friends, he also should of told his dad earlier so they could resolve it quicker. I think that the dad should of got him off it much earlier and Kieran could of told his dad earlier. I took away that you need to tell an trusted adult early if you get addicted to anything and they will try and help fix it.


In term 3 for my Passion Project i will be doing photography.


I intend to create a slideshow of all my images that i have taken. I will use a camera for taking some photo’s,phone to also take some other photos and a computer to make my slideshow. I think i will learn how to use a camera better and take better photos. My passion project is targeted at people in year six and anyone that likes photos. I am looking forward to taking lots of photos and finding my favourite.



For my Passion project i have now finished my history of The Richmond football club power point and i have had lots of fun making it. I have made something i can look back on and see all their history when i am older. The most challenging part is where to find all the information, but i found all the information on the official Richmond history page.

By having this experience i have up skilled my knowledge of The Richmond football club and all there best players, coaches and premierships and this will really help my knowledge of them from now on.

I achieved what i set out to do on my original blog post, I made a historic power point of The Richmond Football club because i am passionate about footy and love The Richmond Tigers.


I only really had one challenge to over come and it was at the start i could not find a good site the had everything i needed and the i found The official Richmond history page and that had every thing.

I have loved doing my passion project this term, and i can’t wait for next term to do my next passion project, because i have had a lot of fun doing mine this term and next term hopefully i will know more so i can make an even better project.


Win at the fair

In project maths i learnt about making games for a fair. We tested lots of different game boards and tried to make one that makes at least 300 dollars.

The first game board. The first lesson my class was testing the starting game board and tallying the results but i was not there that day. Here is the starting board they use to tally with.



How to play win at the fair


To play you must make your own game board with the numbers around the top and the prize money you will win if you land there. Then you decide the way that you want the arrows to go so when they roll a certain number the counter will go that way. You put your counter at the start then roll the 2 die and add them together and then check the way the arrow goes for that number, then move the counter that way the arrow said. You keep on doing that until you reach a prize. We went onto a app called maths300 and you can make a game board and simulate an amount of games. We had to simulate 1000 games at 1 dollar a game and make at least 300 dollars and the game must also be enticing. here are some of my results:



Creative game board and my official game board

Here is my creative game board:

here is my official game board:


For my creative game board i had a big 40 dollar jackpot at the very top with only 1 exact way to get there. I lots of small prizes to the side at the start so the counter must go forward at the start and if the counter goes to the left or right you only win a tiny prize. I also added a prize that gets better the further you go so it is less likely to win a bigger prize.

For my official game board i added a bigger prize to the very left and right but put more arrows facing forwards so you don’t have much chance for the counter to land there but it still looks enticing for the player of the game.

I also put some smaller prizes at the top so we have more chance at getting the smaller prize which means more money for you because most of the arrows where going forward. I also looked at some of the results, of where the counter lands the most and least and added a smaller prize where it landed most and bigger where it landed least so it still looked enticing.


I loved playing this game and trying to make the most profitable game that i can but for it to still be enticing for the person to play. I learnt how to make more of a profit in a game like this and how to make it still be enticing.



Digital Etiquette

In this session of  digital citizenship I learnt about digital etiquette. We also watched  video on this topic. Netiquette was one of the words which means being kind, courteous and respectful online. There is also something called flaming, Flaming is where you talk to someone online and say mean things to them and when this turns into a big argument this is called flame wars. Some people like doing this to people and annoying them they are called trolls. Also people can become anonymous and start flame wars which means they hide who they really are and say mean thing and you don’t know who they are. If you are getting in to flame wars and are getting very frustrated you just have to turn of you technology and do something calm. To make sure you don’t start flame wars you need to make sure you are clear when you talk online, check you grammar and spelling and also Make sure that its not in caps lock so they don’t think you are yelling at them. In the film we watched Tim said this “Once your message is out its out” I think that this means you cant take back what you say.


Think online

In this new subject I learnt about online safety and how to make sure that the person you send something to doesn’t think its sarcastic. The acronym think is the guide we should follow when we are sending something to someone or online. T is for think I think that we should all think about what we are saying before we send it. H is for helpful because you should make sure what you are saying is helpful to the person/ people you are sending it to. I is for inspiring you should make sure what you are saying is inspiring. N is for nice you must make sure that it is nice what you are saying. K in for kind make sure that it is kind what you are saying.


this is an update on my passion project, for my passion project I am doing the history of the Richmond football club. So far I have got lots of the information down and I will make that into a script or some writing. This has been fun so far and I have learnt a lot more than I already knew. Here is one of the pages I have done so far:




For my passion project I intend to do the last 38 years of the Richmond football clubs history. I think it would good because not many people know about Richmond’s history. I am passionate about footy and my favourite team is the Tigers. I will need something to research with and something to write on.


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Today we watched a boy called Birke Baehr and him present his TED Talk. His TED talk was about what’s wrong with our food system. He was talking about how when he was little he thought that cow lived in green grass land and pigs roll in mud all day but he found that it wasn’t that way. He found that they where kept in small sheds with a little bit of food and water. He also found that most food at the grocery store is poisoned to keep the bugs away and also had other foods DNA to make them look better.


He used some humour like how you could put the DNA from fish with the DNA of a tomato and some other jokes.


He used a microphone around his collar and he also used a projector to project some powerful images about some farms.


He used the space on the stage well and added some humour to keep his audience interested.

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