Green Screen

Today we had our final clinic and it was on the green screen.

How to edit a green screen clip.

here is the clip I just showed you how to edit

Shia LaBeaouf (short)-2nn7vbf

Sorry it only comes up as a link. Just press the link then press open then allow and that’s how you access my clip. Sorry for the trouble 🙁


royalty free music

Today we had Mr Galluccio’s clinic on royalty free music.

These are ten second samples of the songs I picked.


zoom cameras

This session of film school was zoom cameras with Mr Henderson. we learnt about all the features and how to use it.


We had been told to record a tongue twister on the zoom cameras.



We also learnt how to dump footage onto our laptops these are the steps.

  • connect your laptop to the camera using a USB cable
  • click the settings cog icon on the zoom camera screen
  • click USB icon on the camera screen
  • click card reader on the zoom camera screen
  • CLICK PC/Mac on the zoom camera screen
  • click card reader again on the zoom camera screen
  • click  This PC on the laptop task bar
  • the camera drive will appear next to windows {c:}’
  • 🙂

this is a zoom camera


Audio Booths

Today we had the audio booths clinic with Mr Galluccio. since it was audio related I decided to make a rap, hope you enjoy.this is one I did at home.

This is one I did at school. I wasn’t looking at the camera so I decided to do it again.

this is my second try at home it is much better

This is kind of what our audio booths look like.