Vanuatu Culture

The Task

In RVE we were set the task to research a country and display it on a double page. On this double page we had to have the flag and what it represents, the religion, customs and social behaviours.


One of the similarity’s are in Australia and Vanuatu are we all play most of the same sports E.g. Basketball, Cricket and soccer. And that’s about all really.


The food they have in Vanuatu is very different because they have specific food to their culture (Seafood, Taro and papaya’s) but Australia is made up of lots of culture so we don’t really have a specific food type unless you count all the generic stuff like pavlovas.

If I Lived In Vanuatu

If I lived in Vanuatu I would love the warm temperatures and the Twin Waterfall  Festival seems like it would be really fun. I think I would find it hard to eat so much seafood because I ‘m not really the biggest fan of seafood but that’s just me though.


For my passion project I intend to make a friendship style bracelets out of embroidery thread and take videos of how I make them and the patterns. My project is targeted at upper primary students to lower secondary students. I am looking forward to be able to share this style of bracelet with class and making all different type’s of bracelets I have never tried before.


At this point in the term I have finished my passion project but it is way shorter than I wanted it to be. After I finished filming like 5 minutes at cheer My computer would not take the footage off my phone this was really annoying because now my project is only like 1  minute long. Aside from that, everything went well I got my right leg splits that was in the footage my computer didn’t take and I improved my leg mount (also in that footage). So overall  I enjoyed this project it was really fun and I look forward to doing another one next term.

– Audrey



My passion project is going well I have learned a triple back handspring, regained 2 skills an aerial and a roundoff flip tuck and got it all on camera. I have imported some videos from my phone to my camera but I still need to film more. I have edited a few clips like trimming and audio fixing. I have had some challenges along the way such as spraining my ankle and falling on my face many times, but excluding that all is going well. I am really enjoying this project so far and I am really proud of myself for the new skills and we are almost finished with our team routine. Its almost hype night ( where we show the other teams out routine and they show us theirs) and right after hype night is display day ( we show the parents our routine).


Birke Beahr

Birke Beahr’s TED talk


In Birke Beahr’s TED talk he talks about how wrong the food system is. Some of his important messages are choose local so you know where your food is coming from, don’t be fooled by colourful and fun packaging and we can all make a difference. Some really powerful statements in Birke’s TED talk include you can either pay the farmer or the Hospital, change the world one person at a time, most of our food doesn’t come from happy farms it comes from animals in cadges and  some of are veggies are genetically modified!

Richard Turere

Richard Turere’s TED Talk


Richard Turere’s TED talk has some really interesting messages and quite a few of them, these messages include keep going and don’t give up, it is ok to fail, help others if you can and violence isn’t always the answer. These are really powerful messages and these could help people to keep pushing at their goals. Richard got these messages across to his audience by explaining each message in detail through different personal stories. He has humour to engage the audience too. Richard is using a head set, a clicker and a screen to get his pictures as evidence. During Richards TED talk  he has a clear and projected voice, he has eye contact and uses good balance between humour and a serious tone.

Think Online

The think acronym is really helpful when it comes to social media.

The first letter on the poster is T this stands for true I think this is something that is very important in social media, before you send something and your not sure is it is true it is safer just not to send it and save someone a hard time.

The next letter is H this stands for helpful I think this could stop a lot a hate and negative comments on social media, before you comment on something think if it is going to help this person.

The next letter is I this stands for inspiring I think this is nice and it will lift someone’s day.

The next letter is N this stands for necessary this could help a lot of cyber bullying and it sort of goes along the lines of “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all” because it  just wouldn’t be necessary . 

the next letter is K this stands for kind this is important because its just rude to send something if it isn’t kind.


My passion is cheerleading

For my passion project I am going to  film the prosses of training and getting reading ready for winterfest (a competition). when at the comp I will film the finished product and what we have achieved. I will film the performance the awards and the surroundings.


Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez’s TED Talk

In Thomas Suarez’s TED talk he encourages people to get up and do something, play with things and explore, find an inspiration and follow in their steps. What makes his TED talk interesting to watch are emotion, expression, question and it’s not mono tone. To support Thomas through his TED he uses an iPad, clicker and head set. Thomas used some really good techniques during his TED including projecting his voice, being confident, using eye contact and being clear.

Green Screen

Today we had our final clinic and it was on the green screen.

How to edit a green screen clip.

here is the clip I just showed you how to edit

Shia LaBeaouf (short)-2nn7vbf

Sorry it only comes up as a link. Just press the link then press open then allow and that’s how you access my clip. Sorry for the trouble 🙁