gumball machine

the planning proses

first step is the planning

we had to wright on a planning sheet what we where going to do and what we understand about it and what we know about the topic. I know I had simple machines in my project so I wrote about that. I also wrote about what I need.

here is a photo:

the prototype

first we made a prototype it was basically it was everything we planed but very messy and rough here is a photo

the gumball goes through the ramp and the goes in a hatch that you have to twist and after you twist it the gumball will  go out the other ramp.

prototype reflection.

I think it was hard to make the prototype because it was really fiddley and the cardboard kept falling apart

and breaking and especially with the hot glue always braking when we put a rubber band on it

the gumball machine

I started by cutting a hole in the top of a flower pot for the gumballs to go through. then I got a plastic tube for the gumball to go on. I cut a little piece out of the tube and hot glued it inside the pot so the gumball would fall on the tube. then the gumball would keep falling beside the tube rather than going in the tube. so we taped the edges to the tube so it would always go in the tube.


then we needed gumballs. we couldn’t find big ones so we bought 12 mini gumball machines

{these had mini gumballs in them}

since we had so many we decided to use some of the parts so we proceeded to break it apart

and we used the little black bit and glued it to some popsicle sticks and used it as a knob that you turn and the gumball will go in and fall in our tube since it was the perfect size.

we had to use tape so the gumball would always fall in the tube because it kept falling out. the problem was the gumball would get stuck on the tape. so we put paper on top of the tape but the paper kept ripping so we took the paper of and hot glued the tape so the gumball wouldn’t stick.