LED denim jacket

what the goal of my project is

the goal of my project is to get all my LED’s {7} to light up and I want to learn about the lily mini and how it works.

step one: circuit

before I was able to super glue the lights in place I made a circuit to see if the battery could handle the amount of LEDs I was using {7}. here is a video of my circuit.

how it works

the energy travels to from the battery pack  through the wires and to the first light then that process continues except the power is just travels through the wires and to the lights and so on.

step two: super glue

after I had made my circuit I had to super glue the LEDs on to my jacket to keep them in place for when I sew them on.

step three: battery pack

I sew I have to make a pocket to  hold the battery in place. what I did was I got the label that was sewn onto the jacket and sewed around the edges and left one side open then I unstitched the top of the label and put the battery in the pocket I had made.


after that I had to add the lily mini but first I had to connect the battery to the lily mini. I wanted heartbeat fade so I connected the thread to the number one on the lily mini after that I had to start sewing on the lights I had finished the positive and was half way through the negative that is when I realised  my battery pack wires had disconnected from the lily mini so I will have to reconnect those back on to the lily mini




what could I do better:

I think I could have soldered the wires on better so they wouldn’t come off.

did I solve a problem:

yes, I think my soldering it doing something to my connection

what am I going to do next:

I am going to take my soldering off, reconnect my battery pack, keep sewing!


the end of the project

I enjoyed this project and I defiantly leant a lot from it. in the end I stoped my project I just couldn’t work out what was going wrong with the connection. I will be able to use all of the skills I have gain from doing  this project.

what I learned

during this project I learned how to make a parallel circuit, solder, sew, sew with a sewing machine.

with these skills I will be able to use  in the future and will help me a lot.