learning to sew\making a bag

the 6 steps to success

fabric on start line { edge of foot}

foot down

lh hold fabric

rh turn three stitches

swap hands

sew slowly


how the sewing machine works

there are 3 turning knobs.

  1. this knob controls the type of stitching eg. zig zag or strait.
  2. this knob controls how big the stitching .
  3. this knob can move needle up and down so you can sew with out the peddle

this chart shows what stitching to do eg. A strait stitch C zig zag.


this is the needle connected to it are little hooks and it has a hole on it like a hand sewing needle. you need to put the top thread through those hooks and through the hole.the thing under the peddle is called the foot it holds everything in place. the lines engraved on the silver plate are measurements if you put the edge of the fabric on 10 the stitching will be 1cm away from the edge of the fabric.

this is the foot peddle to sew. all you have to do is put your foot on the peddle {the more pressure you add the faster you sew}.

how I made my bag

I had to make a plan this is what it looks like.

{take photo then add}

after that I had to make a zig zag on the edges so it wouldn’t fray. then I had to make a fold iron it down then sew it. I had tod o this on both sides. then I stitched the sides together. this is what it looked like after all that {inside out}.

then I turned it inside out and I had the bag finished.

then I had to plat wool to make strings I had to do this twice  so it would draw shut after I put them on bag it looked like this.