we started a  project called Arduino. It is  like the hummingbird but it has more complexities. The kit includes:

  • LED’s
  • Resistors
  • Battery and negative (black cord) and positive (red cord) cords
  • Lots of cords that can connect to transfer energy to other parts of the Arduino kit.
  • Bread board
  • Arduino board

Facts that I have learnt about Arduino:

If you don’t put the resister in the board with a LED the LED will blow up and the resister keeps the current of electricity

Warm up challenges:

Challenge 1:

Our first challenge was to make a LED light up .The reason why we did this was to get an idea of how the bread board work in the Arduino kit because the bread board it a circuit.

Challenge 2:

Challenge 2 was where we started to use the bread board and we were trying to make a circuit using the LED and making it light up using the board.

Comes out of the battery then out of the negative then into the resister then to the LED then to the positive then to the battery.While doing this project on the Arduino app we went to file, examples, 0.1 basics, then blink and it got me onto the program for the LED to blink. What my partner and I found happened when we were doing this was that on the Arduino there is a orange flashing key. It goes on for 1 second then off for 1. When our light was working it aromatically flashed and we didn’t have to press the restart button (when you press the reset button the light franticly flashes then goes off) and it flashed the same time the orange light flashed then off when the orange light went off.



When the orange light is on.

When the orange light is off.

Challenge 2

Challenge 2 was to make your LED flash ONLY when you touch the button. To get to the program for this challenge we went to file, example, 0.2 basic then to button. When we touched the button the light wouldn’t turn on, then we moved the resistor a little and it turned on when we touched the button. In this challenge we are adding to challenge 1.







today we started challenge 6 this was a complete…………………………………………flop

we tried every single way it wouldn’t work but it just wouldn’t fix

so Mr Mackie sayed to move on so we did


we tried challenge 7 but this was a flop too.  we tried to fix it but it just wouldn’t fix



simple machines


simple machines are basic devices that apply a force, such as a leaver or a pulley

for the first activity we had to was make six simple machines here are photos and one video of mine

the next challenge was to make something using a simple machine.

I made an elevator. this had a pulley in it. to make the box  go up you have to pull on a string which connects to the wheel that spins moving the string on the box making the box go up. [it is a bit confusing but it will make sense with the video.

Right now I am making a logo wedo alligator that opens its mouth with a pulley.

how it works is that the motor is connected to axel which is connected to an cog that is connected to another cog that is connected to another axel that connects to a rubber band that connects to the mouth so when the motor spins he mouth moves up and down.

this is my program

so far I have learnt what an inclined plane [not sure if I spelt that right]

and what a screw are and do.