camp reflection

Camp reflection

Camp was amazing! I loved having a giant sleepover with my friends. Every time there was a movie, my cabin all sat together. During free time, we would do something altogether too like playing in the pool or jumping on the trampoline. I think I made some new friends.

The workers at Healesville Sanctuary performed a platypus show that got us thinking about rubbish in the sea and rivers. They told us how most of the rubbish such as balloons and the plastic balloon holders from birthday parties and other events end up being eaten by animals causing them to die. They encouraged us to blow bubbles instead of balloons and I think that this has changed me. I also tried foods that I thought I didn’t like, but actually did I think I’ll be eating those foods much more often. I also pushed myself more than I thought I would on the giant swing, I was scared at first but then it was easy.

On camp I learnt that ferns grow spores {eggs} on their back. I also learnt that mountain ash trees are very tall. I also learnt that on the Puffing Billy you can get soot in your eyes.

My favourite part was the giant swing you would go down a big drop and then it would feel like you’re flying backwards and forwards.

By Audrey