The impact of the enviro year


Before I came to the enviro I wouldn’t of known what a kangaroo apple was {it’s a tomato looking thing encase you didn’t know} I have gained much more knowledge since the start of the year


In Term 2, we did local animal dioramas. My animal was the Ring tailed possum. I learnt about other people’s animals by looking at their food webs, by looking at their diorama and their booklets.

What I know:

. That you have to be patient when planting

. I am learning about how my place changed over time. Now I am wondering about how that it looked when the watherong people were here was it all green or just some parts green


Mt Rothwell excursion

On Thursday, we got on the bus to go on the 45-minute drive to Mt Rothwell, First my group went on a wallaby, walk and I learnt you could get really close to them if you are quiet and that brush-tailed rock wallaby’s are professional rock climbers. I am wondering why they did not run away. Next, we did some weeding I think it was fun using mini tools and big tools and I learnt that you have to work together if you are going to get a weed out. After that, we had a break. After the break, we did painting and I painted a tree, I learnt that it does not matter what it looks like you paint how you see it. Then we went looking for bones I wonder  how the spine of a kangaroo got in a hollow log. The night walk next after dinner and we saw the eastern bared bandicoot, the southern brown bandicoot, the long nosed potoroo, the barn owl, brush tailed rock wallaby, boobook owl. I loved the MT Rothwell.




Welcome to your new Digital Portfolio


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