My last design reflection

In design this term we have had not that many successes. we  have had multiple changes with our rube Goldberg machine. One of them was the start, it use to be some dominos at the start. Now it is a wheel and axle knocking over marbles. Another change is the bottom part of the machine. It use to have a tube that flicks up from the vent. But now it has a ruler slide that leads onto some dominos.

Here is a video of the first one.

This is the new one.


Next year for our passion  projects it will be so hard to choose because there are so many things to choose from. I think that I might do something to do with basketball because basketball is my favourite sport and we will only have to set it up once where our rube Goldberg machine takes so long to set up.

Term four project rube Goldberg machine


Today in design we have started our term project.

Day one

Today we are having our first design session. Before we could do they making tough we have to do a planning sheet. This is where you plan the next step in your project so you don’t lose track of anything and it shows your documenting.

here is a photo.


After we had finished our planning sheet we could start creating. First we started with the basics and that is just making a ruler slide that leads on to a different part. This other part were the tubes and they would just lead down.

Here are photos of it.


This is the ruler slide that we started off with.

This is the track where the ball comes from the ruler slide.

This one above is the tube that comes from the track.

Day two

Today we have been testing new ideas. Sadly we have forgotten to record some of the ones but they are the ones that didn’t work from the first part. we have also added something new and it is a giant tunnel.

This is a photo and a video of it.

Here are some of our other Ideas.

This one  did not work because the dominos were to far apart.

day three

Today our group was just mainly doing our blog. We had some tests and majority of them hit the curve and bounced off so we changed the angles to a curve track.

Here is a photo.

Angles are important in a rube Goldberg machine because if some of the angles aren’t wright on a curve it’s a game changer.

Day four

Today in design we had to add a couple more things to our planning sheet because the teachers said ours wasn’t enough. We also had to add a couple more things to our blog. In the second half of the session we added a few more things to our machine. We added another tunnel that leads from the cardboard one, the marble hit’s the dominos and they fall onto another marble and kicks a goal.

Here is a photo and a video.


Day five

Today in design we had some more ideas. The idea was to make two new traps they were really hard to make. The traps were a domino that falls off an edge and set’s off another trap, and the other one was to push a ball down a tube using dominos.

Here are some photos and videos.

This was really challenging because there were so many dominos included and it was hard to not knock them over.

This trap worked fluently because the domino has a long drop so it can take away the other domino.

We also re made this idea so we can connect them together.

This is them connected.


We did this because it adds more length to our machine, it gives it more excitement and it gives us a clear plan of what we can do next with our machine.

Next lesion we are hoping to get our machine to work fluently and experiment new ideas.


Day six

Today in design it was our goal to get the machine working fluently so that if we want to add more stuff we only have work on the part we are adding. We have also added some cars that push other dominos over.

Here are some videos of the machines first half, second half, one that worked and one that didn’t work.

Top half

This worked because all of the dominos were positioned in the right places, so that the dominos could nock over the marble and the other domino so it could lead off onto the other part. The other trap also worked because the domino with the string on it had a big fall so it would open the gate to let the marble through.

Bottom half

This worked because it had the right angles on the tube, track to tunnel, the orange tube and the bottom goal.

Working one altogether

This one worked because it had good angles for the dominos so it turned, a good fall from the string domino, the gate opened smoothly, and all of the angles right down the bottom. This one was the only one that worked for the day and it didn’t have the other trap set up.

Unsuccessful one

This one didn’t work because the domino with string on it fell really fast so the gate opened quickly, that meant the marble had lots of speed going down the runway so it bounced off the curve. The bottom half didn’t work because since the marble had so much speed it nocked the orange tube over.

Next design session we are hoping to get the top half to work fluently. We are also trying to change the bottom half to something that will set off new traps because we have had so many errors with the other one.


Day seven

Today in design we have changed the bottom half of the machine. Now it leads on to the green table with a ruler slide and a pullie. After that it nocks over some dominos, that leads onto some steps and at the end it nocks over a marble on a slide. I t then leads onto a metal pipe comes down a plastic tunnel and flicks up into the goals. We have also got rid of the dominos at the start because it took to much time to set up. Next lesion we are going to add a new start.

Here are some photos and videos

This is the other ruler slide.

These are the dominos. we haven’t set them up because they kept falling over for the photo.

This is the slide that leads into the metal pipe.

This is the metal pipe with a flick.

This is the goal.

Here is a video of the machine with the changes.

This worked really well apart from the second ruler slide where the ping pong ball didn’t have enough momentum.

Next lesion were are hoping to give the second slide a bigger incline so the ping pong ball has more momentum. We are also hoping to add something to the star to replace the dominos.

Exhibition Day and What we Learnt

Today at Year 5 Exhibition day, Parents, Visitors and friends came in to have a look at our project. We also had  look at other peoples projects to get ideas for next terms project. I am going to show you photos and explanations for how I will use them.

The first project that helped me was Gus’s, Nick’s and Toby’s.

This gave me the idea to do a rube gold burg machine. This gave me the idea to make my own rube gold burg machine. They looked liked they really enjoyed doing this project and it looks really fun to make as well as the end product.

The second project  was Hayden’s, Euan’s, Ishan’s and Abhi’s Drone prototype.

This project gave me the idea to add a fan onto my rube gold burb machine. It can blow a ball and that can activate a car and so on. This looked very challenging because of how hard they worked in trying to make this and how big the circuit is.

The last project that gave me an idea was George’s, Raph’s and Oscar’s

This gave me the idea that I can add three D printed pieces onto my rube gold burg machine. Three D printing looks fun and hard to design something without it snapping in half.