Passion Project term 3

In term three my passion project is the bottle cap challenge. This has been a trend on the internet lately and I thought it would be a good for my passion project and a fair challenge to do. The bottle cap challenge is a challenge where you have to kick a bottle cap off of a bottle. I am going to take this to the next level and throw different objects at the bottle and try to knock the cap off. I am hoping to be able to edit this in adobe premiere pro,  this is because I have not really used the software and I can learn more about it. In this I am hoping to make a video that will entertain you with my editing skills that I will have to learn and my bottle cap challenge skills

Birke Beahr’s TED talk

Birke Beahr is a kid that want’s to inspire people to eat organic and not eat processed food. He thought it would be a good idea to spread this through a TED talk. He has lots of strong and bold statements that make you think about what you eat.

Three takeaway’s from Birke’s TED talk were, Do we want to pay the organic farmers or the hospital because of the processed super market food. Another one is know your organic foods, What he’s saying is research the organic food so you know what’s organic and what’s processed. The last takeaway was his cousin was asked if he wanted processed sugar flakes or organic toasted o’s, he said organic toasted o’s because he knew that sugar flakes were processed and processed food can make you sick.

The most powerful things he said were, Processed meat come from animals I isolation where organic meat comes from animals in massive farms where they can run around and have fun. Another statement is that processed food causes cancer, this will change the impact of people buying organic food instead of processed food. The last Powerful comment was that things in colourful packaging is usually processed and colourful packaging attracts kids.


Passion project

What is a passion project?

A passion project is something that you are going to create that refers to your passion like if you are passionate about sport you would do something about sport. What you can do with your passion is up to you  as long as it fits your criteria.

what is my passion project?

My passion project is Mixcraft. Mixcraft a software app that allows you to make music for any kind. I chose this because I like listening to music and I thought I would be a good idea to do it. My song genera is a mix of rock, electronica and hip hop.

The technology I am learning about are the mixcraft app because you can’t just jump straight in, you have to have a little play around with it so you can get a grasp of it. Another reason is once you have had a play around with it you can then try to figure out the looping stage of it or marking stages in your song and other difficult features in the software.

This is targeted to beethhoven because he was a great composer that had many great hits that some people still listen to today.

I am looking forward to learning new things about mixcraft that I knew never existed, another thing I am looking forward to is being able to create music that can be what ever I want like nobody can tell me to create a rock styled piece, and the last thing I am looking forward to is being able to share it with my class because then I can get their opinions on my song.

So basically what I have done is I have been listening to music with no lyrics in it a adapt to how they make their music. After several songs I have listened to they all have one way to make their music. They include a lead up to a beat drop or a instrumental chorus, a part where the debunk all of the sounds, one or two repeats and a melody and a tune.

So far I have made a hip hop and a rock and roll piece. Soon I am going to mix them together to se what they sound like, hopefully the sound good.

I have now mixed them together and it did not turn out as expected. I thought this would be a good combo but each song is totally different. I am going to go with a plan B which is to create the songs at the same time so I can get the right beat. I am also going to make an electronica song with a beat drop just in case hip hop and rock and roll don’t suet each other.

I was in the process of making the rock/hip hop song when I discovered that the way I was making it was completely wrong. It still sounded like two different songs. I scratched the whole hip hop slash rock idea because it was going nowhere and stuck to the electronica song. When I made that one it sounded much better than the other song. I think I had a lot more success with the electronica genre.

Here is my passion project.

Richard Tuere TED talk

Richard Tuere is person from Kenya who had an invention to scare away the lions without harming them. he thought it was a good idea to spread this with the community with a TED talk and about his story with coming up with the invention. He was using trial and error to find successful trial.

His main massages were we can scare off the lions so they wont hurt our animals with a simple invention, his invention was a light that blinks because lions are scared of blinking lights. Another one was that some animals that are endangered in other country’s  can be pests in Kenya. It also changed the way his tribe thinks because before they would kill the lions and now they use his invention.

The ways he got this message around the audience was keeping eye contact instead of looking at his script, speaking clearly and keeping a good pace with his speech. Some of these are hard for Richard because he is from a different country.

His technical support was a microphone, a telecast in front of him to sometimes remember his script, he used a lot of photos to give the audience a better understanding of what he was saying and a clicker to change the photo. these are crucial for a TED  talk because without them your TED talk will not be presented as well.

Techniques that he used well was having humour, giving the audience a little story with some sentences and telling the audience how hard it was to make the invention. These skills are really important because with out them your TED talk will not be as good.


Think online

Think online is a poster that reminds you about thinking before you post on social media, or comment someone’s post. There are a series of acronyms each matching the letter of the work think. It is a very familiar platform to many schools across the world, even work spaces and adults use it.


True for T fits in perfectly because if you are lying on social media it can cause online fights and arguments. It also can confuse people into believing what you say and the truth will always come out at some stage.

Helpful for H also describes the situation really well because if you type something with out thinking about it you might hurt their feelings when you really didn’t mean to say that. If you also just post random stuff it’s just going to give away your identity more.

Inspiring is a key word for I because if your comments aren’t inspiring they just waist time and the person might take that comment to heart. And if you don’t post something inspiring it’s just junk on the internet and nobody will be able to relate to your post.

Necessary fits in well because like inspiring it will just become junk on the internet and it shows how much you don’t think as well. It also might anyone any one how uses social media because they have to scroll further down the page which is a waist of time.

Kind is probably the most important one because if your comment is not kind it will upset the person who has posted the picture and who knows if the photo took a lot of time. However if it is kind the person who postedit will feel really happy and accomplished because they know someone likes the post. It will also make you feel better because you have made someone’s day.

Tomas Suarez TED talk

Tomas Suarez is a 12 year old boy who has a passion for creating apps he thought it was a good idea to present this in a TED talk. A TED talk is a way of spreading your ideas across the world by one motivating speech.

The main massages that Tomas used was not just being lazy and playing them, get up and figure out how to make them. This was a good idea because now some people have discovered one of their passions in creating video games.

He got these messages across the audience really well by having a good delivery with how he said his sentences. He also entertained the audience by making funny comments and telling you how he made the apps and what they were.

The support he used was apples software information and figured out how to make the apps. He had lots of experience because he had used lots of game making apps. The support he had with him on his presentation was an iPad with his script so if he forgot his lines he could check, a clicker to move slides so the audience had a better idea of what he was saying and a microphone to help project his voice louder.

Some ways that he presented his work well was focusing on making eye contact with the audience instead of always looking down at his script, he would change the tone of his voice so the audience could tell if he was serious or not, Tomas was constantly matching his face tone to his voice tone so that the audience had better understanding if he was serious or not, like he wouldn’t have a happy face when he was being serious, And he would describe everything he said in his presentation really well.