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September, 2018

  1. RVE Philippines

    September 7, 2018 by Joshua Whan

    In this RVE project we were assigned to make a double sided report on a certain country about there customs and culture. I chose the Philippines.

    In some ways the culture in the Philippines has been westernised such as the religion which mostly consists of Christianity and variations of it. The clothing is pretty much the same to what we would where here in Australia or other western countries with the males wearing shorts or jeans and a shirt. The woman wear a skirt or shorts/pants and a top as well. But there are some things like the food and the traditional clothing that they wear on special occasions. Foods like brain soup and chicken adobo.

    If I lived in this culture I think that because the things that they do are very similar to the things that we do here in Australia but I do think that I wouldn’t like a lot of the traditional foods and there would be a language barrier even though  a large number of the population would speak English.

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