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July, 2018

  1. Passion Project Term 3

    July 29, 2018 by Joshua Whan

    Checkpoint 1: #Description

    For my passion project this term I would like to make an information report or a news article about our great barrier reef and how it is dying because of us.

    To make this project happen I intend to use my the internet, people I know and the some understanding that I already have of the great barrier to gather information I need to tell or show my class why our famous reef is dying and how we can help save this reef.

    I think that my passion project would be aimed at kids around my age or younger to help them learn about this amazing place of life that could eventually die sometime not far in the future and how them from a young age can help.

    I’m looking forward to finish gathering my info and turning that information into a professional looking news paper page.

    Checkpoint 2 #Update

    So far I have started my research and written down my start on a word document I’m not sure yet how I’m going to present it yet because it kind of has become a TED talk but I will figure it out. I have found out why our great barrier reef is dying and some things that we can do to save it. I have had success in finding information because there are a lot of websites that have information about the reef but like I said I’m not sure yet how I will show my info. I think my next step is to finish the script proof read it with my parents and make it better and once it is as good as I can get it I will work on the way I present it and making it look it really good.

    Image result for the great barrier reef

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