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Birke Baehr TED Talk

April 29, 2018 by Joshua Whan   

In this TED talk we see an eleven year old boy named Birke Baehr share his ideas about the farming and food industry.

I think that the main messages in Birke’s TED talk are that you don’t know where your food is coming from and what has been done to it. He also sais that don’t get sucked in by the colourful or sparkly packaging and that he would rather be an organic farmer than a NFL football player because he can make more of a difference that way.

Birke used a slide show of pictures that matched his script and it may have confronted the audience or  made them think different about their views along with his script. Birke also used humour to make himself connect with the audience.

The technical support that I saw in Birke’s TED talk was his microphone attached to his collar and the slideshow behind him.

He spoke clearly even though he had an accent and he spoke quite fast. He had good language in his script and used a variety of different words. Birke used hand gestures when he was speaking as well but the way he did was a bit strange. He also made good eye contact with his audience.



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