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Richard Turere TED Talk

April 24, 2018 by Joshua Whan   

I think that Richards main message is that even if you have very little materials  you can still make something amazing that can change so many lives. Another could be that if you don’t succeed at first just keep trying don’t give up on something that you’re passionate about.

Richard had no script that he read of so it meant that he could make very strong eye contact with the audience and he also used humour to connect with the audience but with that seriousness at times to make the audience feel what Richard felt at the time.

The technical support that I could see in Richards TED talk was the screen with a slide show on it behind him and the microphone that sat be Richards mouth so everyone watching could hear him.

Richard used very good techniques to get his message across to the audience even though his accent was a bit hard to understand. Some of his techniques was to use hand gestures, have a slide show of pictures to go along with his script and it seemed like he had rehearsed his speech and read over his script many times.


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