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Thomas Suarez TED Talk

April 18, 2018 by Joshua Whan   

I think that the important parts of Thomas’s TED TALK was showing adults and children that are trying to make their first app the resources that they need. Another one is to keep persisting even when the task at hand seems impossible just keep trying and if you that’s okay it’s all part of the experience.

Thomas for one used hand motions as here was talking to help get his message through to the audience, he had a projector behind him that he could control with his remote and he really made sure that he went through the topic he was talking about so that the audience understood what was in Thomas’s head.

The technical support that I saw in Thomas’s TED talk was a tablet that he had a script that he could look at if he needed to, he used a microphone to project his voice and Thomas also had a projector behind him.

I think that Thomas spoke really clearly to the audience, he had a very detailed script and the script had words for a big range of ages and he used hand gestures his body language was really good as well also his eye contact with the audience was very good.


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