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November, 2017

  1. Refugee Movie

    November 27, 2017 by Joshua Whan

  2. The

    November 13, 2017 by Joshua Whan

    In the first lego league we have finished building our robot with all the attachments too and we’ve started programing the robot as well.

    The challenges we’re working on are the filter, the pump and the rain.

    To complete the filter the robot has to push the yellow side onto the blue side.


    To manoeuvre the robot around we had to use rotations instead  because there was no black lines to sense and the objects weren’t close to use the ultra sonic sensor. We chose a starting point in the corner of the map were you can touch the robot and made the robot go forward turn right move forward and turn left until it was lined up with the filter.


    We made an attachment that would swing down a barrier and when the robot moved forward it would push the filter so the yellow side flipped over to the blue side.



    We decided to build the robot the way we did because it has lots of places to put attachments if we needed to. Also it had barriers to run against the wall of the map. The only downside of the design was it was very big and could run into things if it wasn’t placed right.


    The challenges we’re working on are the filter, the pump and the rain.


    One of my highlights was when all the challenges worked in one program.


    To complete the filter we had to get the robot to push the yellow side to the blue side, for the pump it had to be pushed into place and connect to it’s other part and for the rain the robot has to knock the rain out of the clouds.


    On the day we had to get really early and drive up to Melbourne. Here is a video of the day.



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