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August 29, 2017 by Joshua Whan   

Session 1

Today me and 9 other people were introduced to sewing in design.

Every week 10 students are picked to do sewing with Mrs Watson. This week we are making threads with icons of some of the things we like or wanted to put on there.

We printed out some templates for us to trace on the felt we use to make the icons. We were shown how the sewing machines worked and had a go of sewing two pieces of fabric together to get used to using the straight stitch witch is just a simple stitch that weaves up and down through the fabric and just goes straight forwards. There are two reels of thread in the machine one on  top and one bellow the foot that presses on the fabric you are sewing. The one on top gets pulled through the top of the fabric with the needle then after that the needle gets pulled back out again pulling the thread through with it.

Next lesson we will start tracing our templates onto the felt and cutting it out getting ready for our final product.

Session 2

This session we got out our templates and started to pin them to the felt to keep them in place while we cut around them. I decided to do a few different templates to make it interesting and I might overlap some in different colours.

I managed to get six done this session but I think I might do some more next session and then start on my string of icons.


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