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August 27, 2017 by Joshua Whan   

Today in  design I was introduced to Spheros.

If you don’t know what shperos are they are small spheres that can roll around by having a big weight roll around inside it causing it to roll like a hamster wheel. What we were started off doing was giving the a test drive in the “drive” section of the app so you are able to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth and drive the around with that option just to get a feel of what they are like.

After we got into programing and there are three different ways to program we only started with the two and they are draw and blocks. The drawing program we did first. You are able to draw a flight path for the sphero as long as the drawing is connected.

Our challenge was to write our names (connected) and make the Sphero follow it  was a little hard to see what the Sphero was drawing but it was clear enough to recognise.

The next thing we did was look into the block programing. This one is different and there is more options and components to it.

Some shapes were set out for us to program the sphero  around them. I managed to get through a rectangle and a triangle. The rectangle was quite easy because they all had right angles on them and it was easier get the angle set right because it was 90 degrees. All I had to do was find out the length of the sides. The triangle was harder because the angles were more than 90 degrees and we had to test it until we found the right amount of degrees.

Session 2

Today we were doing shperos again and this time we were able to make our own shapes or mazes. We could make them trickier to challenge ourselves witch I tried to do to learn more about shperos.

My first challenge was a random shape and I had to program my shpero to go around the perimeter of the shape until it reaches the start again. I learnt it helps to put in a wait block because otherwise the shpero will turn right after it just moved forward not giving it time to lose momentum causing it will swerve all over the place.

Here’s the video of the track.


The second challenge was to make a maze for the shpero to navigate its way around with obstacles to get in the robots way so you have to program the shpero to go around everything. The tricky part of this was to work out how many seconds and what speed to set to make it go the right length. It is a lot about trial and error and learning from your mistakes.

This is the completed challenge.



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