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July 24, 2017 by Joshua Whan   

Session 1

In scratch this week we were starting on making our first game.

Here’s a screen cast of my first game.

screen cast scratch-1741n7w

Something new I learnt was how to use a colure sensor so if it touches a certain colure it continue the next command. Also from watching the tutorial it has taught me the basic ways of moving my sprite and how to use x and y.

Hopefully by watching more tutorials it will help develop my skills with scratch.

Session 2

In session 2 this week we were back at scratch again. Our task this session was to make our sprite dance on a stage using our knowledge of how to switch costumes of our sprite and use the basic movements to make it look as if it is dancing such as moving side to side or facing different ways. To add more effects we could make our own music in the sound tab.

here’s a video of my sprite’s dance.

dnace party screen cast-1xlozdm


Session 3

This session doing scratch we were given a task of making a project only using 10 certain blocks but you’re allowed to use them multibell times but every block had to be used at least once.

Here’s a screen cast of my project.

Monster scratch cat-189dhuf

Session 4

In this session we were asked to explore other programs to see what you can make on scratch. Some were amazing because they had sometimes hundreds of blocks on compared to ours the were huge. It was really cool to see there programs and try and learn from all the programs although it was kind of hard to understand them.

But I think by looking into these things it can help us to use scratch better than before.


Session 5

This week in scratch we started of by trying to debug different programs to make them work because before there was a fault in it not allowing it to work.

Here’s a screen cast of the program.

debug it screen cast-rtv1iy

I think by learning to find the different problems may help us with our programs because we be able to find why our program is not working and then fix it.


Session 6

In this session we were trying to make an interactable program that tells the viewers more about the creator. I made it so if you click on a sprite of my choice that has something to do with my personality it will start taking about that topic until it’s finished and then will switch back background one.

I have made a few different topics so the viewers can learn as much about me as possible.


Session 7

today I focussed on getting my “about me” project and I did so here is the finished product.

Session 8

Today I started the 2.0 debug it challenge there were five different programs that we had to debug and I got up to number three. Here is a screen cast of number three.


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  1. Mrs Watson says:

    Great explanations Josh.
    Some of your screencasts are still in Powerpoint. This might be why we can’t see them and only have a link.
    Can you save them as mp4 files are try inserting them again?

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