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Colouring in Fractions

June 13, 2017 by Joshua Whan   

In maths we have been working on fractions and how hey work so as a way of helping our learning we were given a cheat that all different fractions lined up to see that some fractions are equal with others for example 2/6 is equal to 1/3 this then help us find the simplest way to write down our fractions.

To play it all we needed to do was have to dice that had a number a number on each side so if I roll a 2 and a 4 it would be two quarters or a half. But if you rolled a certain number but you could actually record it a different way that is still equal to the number you rolled. We had o try and come up with something really interesting about how the fractions line up and all the different ways and still be able to explain it . I think that this is a great exercise for helping us understand how to make fractions easier just by thinking more.


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