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March, 2017

  1. Friction Test

    March 31, 2017 by Joshua Whan

    On Wednesday we got to do a friction test with the push cars we made with craft power to find out witch surface had the least amount and the most amount of friction by observing how far the car went on each surface and how it moved on them.

    The things that we kept the same were the body of the car, the wheels and how far you push it with your arm because if you test two things at once at the car you won’t be able to tell witch one made the difference. The surfaces I tested the car on were the carpet, the ovel, the tennis courts, the fake grass and the  lilly dale toppings. I found that the surface with the least amount of friction was the tennis courts I think it had the least amount of friction because it was really smooth and that allowed it to keep going because if you had a bumpy surface it would slow it down because it kept tripping up on the bumpy surface.

    I also found that the surface with the most friction was the lilly dale toppings because like if it was uneven and gravely and it would slow down because it was tripping up each time and would come to a stop quite quickly but if it was on something smoother it would go further and go much faster because it’s slower to lose speed.

    Then the day after we did a table on what the surface was and how far it went on that surface and after that we copied it on to a graph so you could see clearly with one went the furthest and witch one was stopped short because of the friction.

  2. A Marathon Of Her Own

    March 27, 2017 by Joshua Whan

  3. The Lake

    March 23, 2017 by Joshua Whan

    Today we had everyone in 5B had our term drama performance. It was meant to be about a story about a very dirty and polluted lake were there were no fish but instead something much worse. There were underwater pigs instead and the mood was meant to be dark and creepy.

    We did this by have lights and effects on stage and also our space mattered too. But what really made it good was everyone’s acting and how everyone participated in it. I learnt so much about acting on stage such as setting the mood, sound FX and space

    . I really liked what I saw from everyone and it was really good. But also one last thing a big thanks to Mr G because none of this would have been possible without him.

  4. Craft Power

    March 20, 2017 by Joshua Whan

    Today we had an incursion from craft power to share their knowledge of crafting with wood and today they showed us how to craft a friction gear box car .

    First we had to listen to the safety rules because crafting can be dangerous and safety first is incredibly important to ensure everyone is happy. We worked on work tables with vices to hold our piece of wood in place while we sawed.

    Everyone got to choose a template for a certain type of car and would trace it onto a piece of wood. Once you did that you were allowed to start sawing. When you’re sawing it’s very important to keep you’re hands out of the way so no one has an accident.

    You have to anyway because you hold the saw with both hands because it provides more balance when you’re cutting so it’s not messy. It’s also important to put one foot on the bar underneath the bench because it provides support for the table when you’re sawing.

    Then once I finished sawing and had the body of the car I had to hot glue the gear box and wheels onto it leave it to dry. After that I started to make the driver, it was the same process to make to car I got a stencil for a driver and trace onto a thin piece of would then saw of the pieces of would I wasn’t using and then sand it of. After that I nailed a small piece of wood to the back of it so I could glue it to my car.


  5. Sorting Quadrilaterals

    March 15, 2017 by Joshua Whan



    Congruent means the same in every way.

    *Acute Angle

    An acute angle means it’s an angle that’s less than a quarter of a turn.


    Adjacent means two sides that a next to each other.


    Opposite means two sides that are facing each other.

    *Obtuse Angle

    An obtuse angle is an angle that is more than a quarter of an angle but is less than half an angle.


    Parallel sides is when two opposite sides will never get closer or further away from each other.

    *Reflex Angle

    A reflex angle is an angle that is more than half a turn but less than a full turn.



  6. Centripetal Force

    March 14, 2017 by Joshua Whan

    Today I was lucky enough to go outside and learn about centripetal force. Now G-force and centripetal force may seem similar but they are different, G-force is directed to one location but centripetal force is not.

    Say you’re in in a fighter jet you’re getting pinned to the back of your seat that’s G-force pushing you against it. But that’s only directed to one spot centripetal force however originate in one spot and works its way outwards pushing whatever is in its way, the water for what we were doing today.

    Here’s a video of how learnt about centripetal force.

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