Fays 9

F A Y S  9

Fays 9s was a challenging task that we had to work out 180 different solution for. there were 3 columns and 3 rows. The columns had to add up to nine but you could only use the numbers 1 through to 9. When I started the problem I realised that the 1st column had to add up to 19 the 2nd 8 and third 9 or it doesn’t work.  When I 1st started the fays 9s problem I was not sure were to start, So I just started to work out all of the possible answers I could think of to see if there were any patterns I could use to find more. then we found all the possible solutions for 19 and 18 there were 28 but only 5 different solutions.   The things that I noticed were for 19 there were only, 5 solutions but for 18 there were 6. We also worked out that for each combination that adds up to  19 there were 36 solutions. I also found that the ones column has to add up to 19 the tens had to add up to 8 and the hundreds 9 because if the 1st adds up to 19 then you have to carry the 10 and leave the 9 so the next row g=has to add up to 8 + 1 and then the last one 9 because there was nothing to carry. The way that me and the people in the group broke the question into manageable parts were, out how many solutions there were for 19 and 18. For 19 there were 5 and for 18 there were 6. after this we worked out 36 had a big part to play in the solution. In the last session my group worked out the answer to this challenging question. there are five different combos that equal 19. you can swap the 10s and 100s around 6 times.




this is the answer but it would have been a lot harder if we didn’t know that there were 180 solutions. This project was very challenging because you got given that answer and you had to fill in the rest and work out the possible solutions. it was also challenging because there were so many different answers (180) and it would take to long to just make then all so you had to find a roll.

piper and Sophie wrote it in there book



Last term I had a lot of fun making my passion project and I cant wait to start this terms, but I still don’t know what I am going to do I’m thinking of taking some photos of the beach and putting them into a video but I’m not sure.




My term 3 passion project was loads of fun and I cant wait to start next terms one. This term I completed what I had I mind witch was making a book with photos of 5 trips I have been on over the years, Hawaii, Bali, Japan, Tasmania and salt water creek. I also decided that I would make a digital copy with all the photos.

Some of the challenges while making this book and film was printing out the photos because I was going to send them to a professional to print out but they didn’t do it small enough so we had to do it at and it probably took the longest of everything. One of the successes were that I finished the book with enough time to create a film as well.

If I were to extend my learning in this I would add more holidays and photos and try to do more details in the book E.G I could right all the places and tell you what is happening in the photo.



The project we had yo do was choose and research a county or state, I choose Luxemburg. there were 3 main topics and they were: Religion, Sport, costumes and the flag meaning.

The differences between Luxemburg and Australia are….

  • The people in  Luxemburg speak (national language) German and (Less used language) French. Were as in Australia they speak English.
  • In Luxemburg they believe in (13%) Protestants, Jews and Muslims and (87%) Roman Catholic. There are 1.2 billion people that believe in Roman Catholic. Were as in Australia we have other religions.
  • The Luxemburg flag Red- the red lion white- white and blue field Blue- blue and white fields. A

We have many things in common such as….

  • We have many things in common, one of them are the cloths we wear. Not the traditional cloths but the everyday ones. the  In Luxemburg they wear shorts, a t-shirt and a sweeter just like us. The girls ushialy wear a dress just like us.
  • Another thing we have in common are the sports we play.



# U P D A T E !

This term I have really enjoyed doing my passion project and it is fun to look bake on lots of old memory.

So far I have got all of the supplies that I will need witch the book a white pen yo write on the black pages and some things to decorate with. I have chosen 20 photos from each holiday and know all I need to do is print the photos out and make the book look nice.

some of the skills I have learnt is that I cant just sit around and wait till last minuet no one is going to do it for me and that I need to do it. I have also learnt how to move the photos.

the successes I have experienced is that it doesn’t take that long to chose the photos. the bad things that happened were I nearly lost all of the photos and all the work I had done and that slowed down the proses.

My next step is to get the photos printed out and add them into the book and to make everything look nice.

S O M E   O F   T H E    M A T E R A L S.

O N E    O F    T H E    P H O T O.

The lost princess

T H E   L O S T   PR I N C E S S

This film was based of a 11 year old girl how could herself lost princess and her online story. For the things that she did that were wrong there was a small story about other people and them doing the same thing and what happened to them.

L U C Y:

Lucy keep all of her passwords on her phone and didn’t loge out of the tabs and then one day some bullies stole her phone and had aces to her email and other info about her they started sending email to people that she didn’t approve of or even say. then she was getting mean messages, but she didn’t know if it was bullying.  finally she told her dad and he called the police they said it was bullying and now she has a new phone with a new number and she keeps her password were only she know were.

This negatively effected Lucy’s life because she was starting to feel very upset and small she also couldn’t open her computer without getting a mean email from some one.

This issue was resoled by telling her parent what the problem was and then she could talk to her dad about it and he called the police. because of her chose in choosing  to tell her dad she got a new phone a new phone number and can keep all her passwords safe.

Lucy should have always keep her phone close and she also should have keep her passwords safe. as soon as she realised something was wrong she should have told her dad instead to waiting until it got very bad.

The message I got from Lucy’s story was that you should keep your passwords and personal information safe because anyone can get them and steel them. The other message I got was always tell your parents.

# D E S C R I P T I O N

# D E S C R I P T I O N

For my term 3 passion project I am going to make a book with photos if my holidays in it, I am hoping to have Hawaii, Bali, Japan, Tasmania and Saltwater creek. I am going to get photos from all these places and put them into one book but it will only have the highlight of each trip. I am going to bring the book in and hopefully make a short fill of me making it. I am looking forwards to see old memory’s in the proses and to see what the finished product will look like.

H A W A I I !

B A L I !

T A S M A N I A !

J A P A N   A N D  S A  L T   W A T E R !



DC Cartoon



Today in DC we were looking at cartoons that look funny but the message wasn’t and all of them were about technology addiction. When we were looking at the photos we first said the things that were funny and then thought about what the message was and then talked about how this was important.

In this photo its kind of funny because of the things the girl is saying to the man or husband when I first read it I thought it was funny. It is also kind of funny because her nose if funny shaped.

After thinking about this I realised that this wasn’t a laughing matter because it is true and some people have to put up with this everyday. I think the main message is that need to get of your phone once in a while and socialise so you don’t miss the things that happen in life. I also think the main message is The people you love and care about are more impotent then your phone.

Now that I have realised what the main massage is it defiantly isn’t as funny as before but there is a few things that make me laugh. I also think this is a problem so we shouldn’t laugh but we should change.


# R E F L E C T I O N

At the start I was just going to make any cake but I changed my idea to make it a unicorn, but keep the same bass of the idea. I also change from doing the film in adobe premiere to movie maker. During the editing it was very challenging and I had to restart twice. It just continued glitching and this made it very hard, after a few weeks of trying in adobe premiere I decided was taking to long and it wouldn’t be finished in time so I changed to movie maker to over come that problem.  Another challenge was the fondant we had to make 4 cakes. The first time we filmed making the cake from scratch and the others we used packet cakes because we keep using the fondant wrong. if I had to continue with this passion project I would experiment and research more about the fondant. I would make another cake and this time taller with a wide cake at the bottom.

Win at the fair


Before we started to create our own game board we used the original game board but unfortunately we didn’t profit anything we lost $48.60. For 20c they paid $13 because each time you played you earned $1, then we gave them  $2.60. For 50c they paid $32 and we paid them 16$. For $1 they paid $31 and we paid them $31. For $2 we paid $4 and they got $8. For $3 they paid $8 and we paid them $24. For $4 they paid $9 and we paid them $36. For $5 they paid us $7 and we paid them $35. I don’t think this worked because there was only one chance of getting 20c and 2 chances of getting $5, I also think this didn’t work because there were 4 chances to go left and right and only 3 chances to go up.

After this we were tooled to go to go of and create our own game boards by using the bass of the old one we could change the amount in the squares and what numbers were allowed to go up, left and right but were weren’t allowed to go down or add in things like spring that bounce or ladders or anything like that. One of the hard things about it was making sure it was intiseing. After we had made it we trilled it 10 times and if it profited you and you had riten an explanation about it then you could put it on the computer using maths 300 and trial it 4 times with 1,000 goes and each time you could make changes to it.