So far in my passion project I have got the ingredients because they took forever to find and I have got all the other tools that you would need. unfortunately I have not filmed it yet, I was going to do it this weekend but I was on camp so next week I will film it because you can only use 1-2 days to film you can not leave a cake half done. After I have finished filming I will edit the film in adobe premier. I am hoping to challenge myself because I am not very good with the app and don’t know what everything does.

this is one of the icing items I will need.

Think Online


I think that acronym is when you shorten a phrase to make it easier to say by using the first letter of each word in a phrase. For example FYI (for your information) or ASAP (As soon as possible) and WSL (world surfing league).

In This case the acronym is T.H.I.N.K because before you post anything anywhere you must think T: is it True, H: is it helpful, I: is it Inspiring, N: is it necessary, K: is it Kind. if you post is all of these things then you can post it and if it isn’t think again.


I believe that every interaction online must be:

  • TRUE because

It has to be true or else someone might get the wrong image and think it is something else for example if you pretend to be someone else then you are not telling the truth to someone and they might think you are someone else so then if they meat you they will see how you truly are. .

  • HELPFUL because

It must be helpful because

  • INSPIRING because
  • NECESSARY because
  • KIND because…

Passion Project

Passion Project #1


For my first Passion Project  I am going to be making a cake,  it is going to be a chocolate unicorn cake with sprinkles in it, it will be 2-3 cakes tall and I will be decorating it with white icing and little swirls like rose that will be covering the hole top and down one side like the main of a unicorn, with a little at the front and black icing for the eyes as if they were blinking and possibly mini meringues. For the horn and ears I will use white fondant and wrap it around a sick for the horn and then cut the shape of the ears a slightly curl it.  It will look like the photos I have shown above.



Birke Baehr TED talk

I think that in Birke Baehrs TED talk the main message was that everyone should eat organic food because it is better for you and were organic food comes from.

He got this message across to his audience by interacting with them, (making them laugh) he showed them where the food that we eat comes from and he showed them his story witch was when he was little he thought that all food comes from happy animals and then he did his research and found out the truth.

In Birke Baehr TED talk the technical support that he used was the big screen in the background that sowed the thing that he was talking about and he had a microphone so that everyone could hear him.

Birke Baehr had good eye line to audience through out the full TED talk he also didn’t just stay still he moved around and he used very good facts to support his message.

Richard Turere TED talk

Gyring Richard Turere’s TED talk I noticed that some of the main messages were, that you can make anything with not a lot, that you should not give up after your fist try and that not everything needs to be solved in valance.

Richard Turere got his massage across to his audience by always looking at his audience and when he was saying something series he would use a more serious voice, although his talk was quite serious he did manage to add in some funny parts. He also used that screen in that background to show what he was talking about.

The technical support that he were the big screen in the background that showed pictures of what he was talking about (I think that this made it a lot clearer to now what he was talking about) and he used the microphone so everyone could hear him.

The Technics that Richard Turere used were always looking at his audience because he didn’t have a script and that means that he rehursed the TED talk, he also mad them laugh, when he was talking to them he kind of reacted the way he wanted his audience to react  and he didn’t stay in one spot he was confident with what he was saying.      

Thomas Suarez TED talk

the main messages that I got out were that anyone can do anything no matter how old they are or how they are I also think that he was saying that kids are capable of lots of things. The main message got across to the audience because he interacted with them, by making them laugh. I also think it got across to the audience because he told them his story. Some of the technical support that he used was the big screen in the background that showed the apps and the little remote that he used to change the background and the IPad he was holding that I think said what he had to say in dot points.  Some of the techniques that he used were keeping his eyes on the audience and very rarely  looking a his IPad he also interacted with his audience by making them laugh and using the big being confident with what he was saying.