Week #1:

This was the first week we had started learning about energy for the year and a lot of the things I learnt I didn’t know before such as energy is all around use and we use it in our every day lives. These were some of the questions and things we learnt and researched about In class,

This is my designee book…

This week I learnt…

  1. that energy is all around us.
  2. We use energy in our everyday lives.
  3. Energy isn’t just the thing we power our computer and phones with.
  4. How to make a lite tune on and of with a switch only using a switch 2 alligator clips, a light and a battery
  5. How to make a fan tune on and of with a 2 alligator clips, a light and a battery



This week we also did little bits so go to that blog post to find out what.

Week #2

This week in electronics we learnt about the light bulb And how it works we had to draw one right down what we thought the parts were and then find out what they were really called and some of them what they did.

light bulb #1-1wbon33

Little Bits

Little bits

Today we started to use little bits hear is a video explaining things you can make and how it works.

Hears a video of what we did this lesion…

This lesion I learnt…

  1. To make Little bits work you need a battery.
  2. That You always need the piece that has the battery attached to it to be in the little bits masen.
  3. Little bits contains lots of little pieces and they all do different things.


I think that if I spin this spinner 10 times it will land on the white 2 times because, If each of them = 1/8 then it would land on each once but that is only 8 so there is an extra 2 spines we have to do so I think out of that 2 that will land on the white at least 1/2 and that is 2/10 so I think that it will land on white 2/10.

Colour White
 Experiment 1  8  2
 Experiment 2  9  1
 Experiment 3  7  3
 Experiment 4  8  2

 Design your own spinner:

Mathematical probability:                                      Production:

Light blue:              2/5                                              16

Dark blue:                 1/5                                               8

Dark purple:           1/8                                                5

Purple:                    1/16                                              2

Pink:                       1/16                                             3

Peach:                    1/16                                             2

Spinner 40


Spinner 400




Makey Makey

Week #1: Makey Makey  

If  you have know idea about what makey makey is hers a video of some things you can make.

                     This week we used the makey makey kits. Inside there were lots of ne thing we hadn’t seen before so our 1st task was to find out what they all were and what they did. There was a 5 foot USB cord- USB are mostly used to connect computers to devices such as cameras, printers, scanners and more. There was also 6 white wires/ connector wires- Connector wires are used to join 2 pieces of copper wires to each other, It can also connect a wire or/and cable to an electrical terminal. Inside was 7 alligator clips- A alligator clip is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws/clips at each end witch is used for creating a temporary electrical connection. Makey Makey board/ mother board.


Then we started to play around with all of the pieces and we tried to make something. So we started to find things that had electricity such as grey led so on a pieces of paper rely dark we drew a line attached to a circle then attached the alienator clips to the paper and then the mother board and that was attached to the computed using the USB cord.

Then we made a piano out of alligator clips these small little thin cubs we attached the clips to the cubes and then the clips were also attached to a mother board theat was still attached to my computer using a USB.

This week I learnt that….

  1. A mouther board is a lot smaller than I thought it was.
  2. that a mother board is red and white and not green and silver.

Week #2: Makey Makey

This week we continued to use the Makey Makey kit. We had to chose and make what we wanted our big thing for the 2 weeks were, so me and partner chose to make a marshmallow piano first of all we made a plane what was going to happen was someone’s computer was connected to a USB cord and the other end of the USB cord was attached to the mother board and on the mother board wear all the letters and arrows such as up, down, right, left, A, D, F, G, S and, W witch were attached to a connector wire and then the wire were attached to a alligator clip and we got a card board box and cut holes through it we put the marsh mallows on top of the holes and then the alligator clips also the person that was playing the marshmallow piano had to hold a alligator clip that was attached to the mother board and each marshmallow made a different sound/ tune. So when you pressed the marsh mallow through all of the things and in to the computer telling the program on scratch to play a sound/ tune.

When we made it and hade connected it all it wasn’t werking so we went through the hole program and then checked if it was all connected propyl and then made sure the marshmallows were attached proply and it all was so we tried to attach the alligator clip that you holed to a different thing an then it mad no different so we pushed the marshmallow on so that the clips were sticking through and it worked. The only marshmallows that didn’t work were the up, down, left and right arrows I don’t think it worked because the computer thought that it meant to move the moes and that is what it did. 

This is my program in scratch.

This week me and my partner also pulled apart a old camera we had to guess what was inside it.

Then we started to pull it apart the first thing was to pull out the screws but neither me or my partner new witch thing to use to pull out the screws but finally we found it.

Pulling the camera apart #1-2bj0r4h

In this week I learnt…

  1. In makey makey you can use scratch to program things to work.
  2. That if you attach the up down, left and right arrows it doesn’t play the sound because when it send’s the message to the computer it thinks you mean to move the mouse.
  3. To make the marshmallows play you have to be able to slightly touch the alligator clip so it can fell you press it.
  4. A designee is the most important part of your creation.
  5. Energy is in more places and things than I thought.

Week #3 Makey Makey:

This week in Makey Makey we went bake into the 1st video we watched for something for us to make, we fond musical makers and a mine drum set that you play with your fingers.

So we learnt what we needed and that was…

  1. As many fat makers depending on how many sounds you wonted. You  need fat markers so that you can attach all of the wires and things to it.
  2. Tape to holed them altogether and to attach things.
  3. Wire to attach the alligator clips.
  4. alligator clips.
  5. And all of the other makey makey objects that come in the makey maky kit.

Week #4 Tinkering;

This week me and my partner started tinkering! we decided that we would just do it and stop making Musical makers. So we pulled apart an IPod and two mouses.

This is what it looked like before we pulled it apart…

this is what we did this week…


Week #1 Makey Makey:

this week we stared using the makey makey kits  Inside there was.

 1.6 white wires/ connecting wires, A connecting wire is used to…

2. makey makey board/mother board, a mother board is a


this week we also started to play around with all the peaces.

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week #1

Today we got introduced  to a new programing app/game, scratch. Scratch is an app that you can make games, and lots of fun characters through programing.

We got given 7  tutorials, witch then we had to watch and creat the thing on them the 1st 2 were how to make a sprite (a sprite is the character you program to move) and to make it move and switch costumes. This is mine.

press link to watch video.

owl program vid #1-2au2c22

how to make it move.

how to make sprite move #1-1flc6i8     How to make it switch costumes.

how to make sprite switch costume #1-1bvcq4g



One of the blokes I used in almost all of my games I mad was the forever block..This block is normally the 2nd block and the starting block goes on tope, the starting block had a pitcher of a flag on it   witch you press to start. the forever block is a block that had a gap in it to put another block in for example if I put the move 4 step block in then when you press the green flag it would keep on moving one way until it went of the screen.

these are some of the games I mad and there program.

Week One:

This week we worked on a new task witch was a about me program, In this program we had to teach people how are watching things about us but they had to be interacting with it and having fun.

The programing in this was quite hard because I used lots of bricks that I hadn’t used before and I had to work out what they did before I just put then in. For example I fond out what the brick did, what it did was in your program you could put this bloke in and it would ask the person how was watching a question such as what is your name and then there would be a little box for them to answer the question and at the end of the block for the program it would say and what meaning wait for them to answer and then move the next thing.

This is my program…



This Challenge was a lot of fun but challenging at the same time if I had to do it again then I would try to make my program have pictures that took or made in it.



Today all of the year 5 classes (A, B and C) had allegro, but not just an hour of it, a whole day of it, it was spectacular, a whole day without Maths, Righting or anything, just music, how fun does that sound? We did it at Senior School.

First we broke up into groups, so all the trombones went together, all trumpets went together all the Flutes went together and so on. I was in the Flute grope, we did a warm up and then we practice all the songs we were going to play in the concert such as, Go, Go Allegro, Allegro Com brio and the Three Flying Flutes, we also practise Game on witch is a game we were going to play with the groups.

Once all the groups had practised we all went into the auditorium and played a game called Game On. For this game each group was given a sheet of music they had to play, the other teams had to guess the notes and sounds being played to win. After we set up the chairs, we all started practicing playing as a group. We also practised our solos. We then played for the audience as a group.

The hardest part during the performance was keeping my breath and tonguing.

The 3 pieces of music we played were….

Go, Go Allegro.

In go, go Allegro there was a cores that we all played together and the solos. To start we all played the cores and then one group would do a solo and then we would do the cores again and the a solo and so on, we also got to do actions on the last cores and shout out Allegro at the end of every cores.

Allegro Com Brio!

In Allegro Com Brio! There is a cores witch everyone plays together, and there was a person that would give either a call or a response. What the call and response is one person would improvise/ make up on the spot, for two bares and then another person would respond once gen improvising for two bares and then they would do it again and then we would play the cores and the same thing would happen. To make sure it was fare we chose the names out of a hat, for how would do the improvising during the song.

The Three Flying F lutes.

In the Three Flying Flutes, it was a Flute solo, that means all the Flutes did a solo all together with out any of the other instruments. We did them in sections, so all the 5b would do the bottom line in every bare and then 5c would play the top lines and 5a would play the middle line. We all played it at the same time/all at once.


The Box

The Box

The autumn wind blows past Bella’s face as she runs though the crunchy orange and yellow leaves. Wahoo!” Bella shouts as she jumps though the air, before landing on something hard. “What is it?” Lola asks, landing next to her. Bella reaches down through all of the leaves to pull out a small object no bigger than a ring box. It was covered with diamonds and jewels shimmering in the sun like stars at night. Her fingers lift the lid slowly, arms trembling, tensing, as if holding a brick. Inside sitting on a black foamy bed was a pearl with a silver thin delicate chain surrounding it. She wonders, “Why is it here in my grandmothers bake yard? How did it get here? How pot it here?” Looking closer she realizes the delicate chain is broken. Did she brake it when she landed on it? Pieces of memories come together like a jigsaw puzzle as she remembers that it belongs to her grandmother. She used to wear it when Bella was little, after her mother passed away. Bella knows the best thing to do is just give it to her grandmother. The girls meandered towards the house, taking their time not wanting to show their grandmother the broken chain. When they arrive, Bella quickly pulls the box from her pocket, covering it slightly. She can see tears forming in her grandmothers eyes. She slowly opens the lid, trying not to reveal too much, but her grandmother can still see. Heavy droplets of tears fall down her pale face. She can tell they sting from the redness of her eyes. Quickly her grandmother snatches the box and walks away, leaving the girls confused.