Zoom Camera Clinic.

Zoom Camera clinic.

In zoom camera clinic we were intrusted to zoom camera and we used tripods again. The main purpose of this clinic was to learn how to use zoom camera and how to input them into your computer. I also learnt about the safety of the zoom camera. We had to set up the camera and them video ourselves and the people in the grope saying a tough twister.

Film School

Presenting your piece to camera.

In presenting your piece to camera we had to film our self saying a tong twister and do all of the following steps when presenting.

Today in presenting your piece to camera we learnt a lot about how to present your piece to camera we learnt you had to make sure that you look at the camera when presenting. We also learnt that when your presenting you carnet read of a scrip you have to practise and rehears and memories what you are going to say first. some of the other thing we learnt were…

Do tis before presenting.

  • Plan and Know your purpose.
  • Rehears and warm-up.
  • Eye line to camera.

Thing you cloud do.

  • Jot down nots.
  • presenting your ideas using story board.
  • wright a script.
  • why are you presenting?
  • how are you presenting for?

Rehears and warm up.

  • be reedy to film don’t go on cold.
  • Breathing exercises help.
  • Voice and body warm up.
  • Now what you are going to say before filming.
  • No scripts or prompting off camera.
  • Own your performance by spending time warming up.

Eye line to camera.

  • When presenting your eyes must line up to the camera.
  • limited connection to your audience.

Some exercises you cloud do.

  • Gun shots.
  • music.
  • balancing.
  • breathing.
  • bouncing.

Camcorder Clinic

In Camcorder clinic we were learning a about tripods we learnt a lot about how they worked and the safety of the tripod and safety of us using the tripod.


the safety of a tripod.

these are some of the safety things you need to know about the tripod and how to use it, if you leave the tripod make sure you don’t leave your tripod somewhere were it can be nocked over, put it next to a table or in a corner. if you want to move with the tripod don’t carry it by the camera and shut all the lags so you don’t hit anyone. In cases something gets stuck or wont do what you want don’t force it.

How it works.

All of the buttons are in all the common spots. the play button is on the right the stop button is the exact same spot as the play. and the button to look at the photos you just took is on the left side were the screen flips out. You can flip the screen so people can see when filming.

Today we also learnt about photos you can take, they were….

  • Extreme close up (ECU) You cloud use this in a film when they are upset or being series or a fight.
  • Big close up (BCU) You could use this in a film when there’s a fight or something emotional.
  •  Close up (CU) you cloud use this in a film when (the same as 1 and 2)
  • Medium close up (MCU) You could use this in a film when someone is talking the screen/ viewers.
  • Medium shot (MS)You cloud use this in a film when (the same as 2 and 4)
  • Medium long shot (MLS)
  • Long shot (LS) You could use this in a film when someone is just looking at the screen.
  • Very long shot (VLS)You could use this in a film when someone is just looking at the screen.
  • Two shot (could be CU/MCU/MS) you could use this in a film when a couple or two people are doing something together.
  • Over the shoulder shot. You cloud use this when two people are having a conversation.
  • Interviewee  looks into space  in the farm (and towards the interviewer)
  • Moving subject walks into space. You cloud use this when someone walking onto the seen.
  • High angle shot (looking down)
  • Low angle shot (looking up)
  • Title frame.

Point and Shoot Cameras

Today we learnt about taking photos on cameras. There were 6 different strategies we could use while taking our photos. The 6 strategies were….

Rule of thirds.
The most important part of your photo goes on the lines
Balancing Elements.
The pitcher is evenly blenched on both half of the photo it can also mean you put the main thing from your photo of centre to make

it look neater.

Leading lines.
When you look at a photo and there a

re lines your eyes automatically follow the lines to the point where it ends so if you have a line that leads up to the main thing in your photo It can make it stand out.
Don’t always take the photo at the normal eye level and if it’s a tall building look up to make it look taller and if it’s a road go down low and it can look tall.
Back ground.
Making sure the back ground is not to colourful so that the main thing stands out and so it doesn’t get to hard to see or confusing. It can also make a lot more able to focus so if you want to take a photo of a bird make sure the back ground isn’t the same colour and 1 or 2 colours.

Some people like to farm their photos but, in the world there are heaps of thing to take the photo as it was in a farm like little holes in a fence or a window it can really add looks to your photo.