Week #1:     

                     This week we used the makey makey kits. Inside there were lots of ne thing we hadn’t seen before so our 1st task was to find out what they all were and what they did. There was a 5 foot USB cord- USB are mostly used to connect computers to devices such as cameras, printers, scanners and more. There was also 6 white wires/ connector wires- Connector wires are used to join 2 pieces of copper wires to each other, It can also connect a wire or/and cable to an electrical terminal. Inside was 7 alligator clips- A alligator clip is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws/clips at each end witch is used for creating a temporary electrical connection. Makey Makey board/ mother board.


Then we started to play around with all of the pieces and we tried to make something. So we started to find things that had electricity such as grey led so on a pieces of paper rely dark we drew a line attached to a circle then attached the alienator clips to the paper and then the mother board and that was attached to the computed using the USB cord.

Then we made a piano out of alligator clips these small little thin cubs we attached the clips to the cubes and then the clips were also attached to a mother board theat was still attached to my computer using a USB.


Week #1 Makey Makey:

this week we stared using the makey makey kits  Inside there was.

 1.6 white wires/ connecting wires, A connecting wire is used to…

2. makey makey board/mother board, a mother board is a


this week we also started to play around with all the peaces.

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week #1

Today we got introduced  to a new programing app/game, scratch. Scratch is an app that you can make games, and lots of fun characters through programing.

We got given 7  tutorials, witch then we had to watch and creat the thing on them the 1st 2 were how to make a sprite (a sprite is the character you program to move) and to make it move and switch costumes. This is mine.

press link to watch video.

owl program vid #1-2au2c22

how to make it move.

how to make sprite move #1-1flc6i8     How to make it switch costumes.

how to make sprite switch costume #1-1bvcq4g



One of the blokes I used in almost all of my games I mad was the forever block..This block is normally the 2nd block and the starting block goes on tope, the starting block had a pitcher of a flag on it   witch you press to start. the forever block is a block that had a gap in it to put another block in for example if I put the move 4 step block in then when you press the green flag it would keep on moving one way until it went of the screen.

these are some of the games I mad and there program.

Week One:

This week we worked on a new task witch was a about me program, In this program we had to teach people how are watching things about us but they had to be interacting with it and having fun.

The programing in this was quite hard because I used lots of bricks that I hadn’t used before and I had to work out what they did before I just put then in. For example I fond out what the brick did, what it did was in your program you could put this bloke in and it would ask the person how was watching a question such as what is your name and then there would be a little box for them to answer the question and at the end of the block for the program it would say and what meaning wait for them to answer and then move the next thing.

This is my program…



This Challenge was a lot of fun but challenging at the same time if I had to do it again then I would try to make my program have pictures that took or made in it.



Today all of the year 5 classes (A, B and C) had allegro, but not just an hour of it, a whole day of it, it was spectacular, a whole day without Maths, Righting or anything, just music, how fun does that sound? We did it at Senior School.

First we broke up into groups, so all the trombones went together, all trumpets went together all the Flutes went together and so on. I was in the Flute grope, we did a warm up and then we practice all the songs we were going to play in the concert such as, Go, Go Allegro, Allegro Com brio and the Three Flying Flutes, we also practise Game on witch is a game we were going to play with the groups.

Once all the groups had practised we all went into the auditorium and played a game called Game On. For this game each group was given a sheet of music they had to play, the other teams had to guess the notes and sounds being played to win. After we set up the chairs, we all started practicing playing as a group. We also practised our solos. We then played for the audience as a group.

The hardest part during the performance was keeping my breath and tonguing.

The 3 pieces of music we played were….

Go, Go Allegro.

In go, go Allegro there was a cores that we all played together and the solos. To start we all played the cores and then one group would do a solo and then we would do the cores again and the a solo and so on, we also got to do actions on the last cores and shout out Allegro at the end of every cores.

Allegro Com Brio!

In Allegro Com Brio! There is a cores witch everyone plays together, and there was a person that would give either a call or a response. What the call and response is one person would improvise/ make up on the spot, for two bares and then another person would respond once gen improvising for two bares and then they would do it again and then we would play the cores and the same thing would happen. To make sure it was fare we chose the names out of a hat, for how would do the improvising during the song.

The Three Flying F lutes.

In the Three Flying Flutes, it was a Flute solo, that means all the Flutes did a solo all together with out any of the other instruments. We did them in sections, so all the 5b would do the bottom line in every bare and then 5c would play the top lines and 5a would play the middle line. We all played it at the same time/all at once.


The Box

The Box

The autumn wind blows past Bella’s face as she runs though the crunchy orange and yellow leaves. Wahoo!” Bella shouts as she jumps though the air, before landing on something hard. “What is it?” Lola asks, landing next to her. Bella reaches down through all of the leaves to pull out a small object no bigger than a ring box. It was covered with diamonds and jewels shimmering in the sun like stars at night. Her fingers lift the lid slowly, arms trembling, tensing, as if holding a brick. Inside sitting on a black foamy bed was a pearl with a silver thin delicate chain surrounding it. She wonders, “Why is it here in my grandmothers bake yard? How did it get here? How pot it here?” Looking closer she realizes the delicate chain is broken. Did she brake it when she landed on it? Pieces of memories come together like a jigsaw puzzle as she remembers that it belongs to her grandmother. She used to wear it when Bella was little, after her mother passed away. Bella knows the best thing to do is just give it to her grandmother. The girls meandered towards the house, taking their time not wanting to show their grandmother the broken chain. When they arrive, Bella quickly pulls the box from her pocket, covering it slightly. She can see tears forming in her grandmothers eyes. She slowly opens the lid, trying not to reveal too much, but her grandmother can still see. Heavy droplets of tears fall down her pale face. She can tell they sting from the redness of her eyes. Quickly her grandmother snatches the box and walks away, leaving the girls confused.




Today in maths we made, out of paper, a kite. We had to folded the paper into a kite shape. We had to make 4 congruent kites.  Then we had to investigate all about the corners (edges, angles). We all worked in groups of two. This is what my partner and I found out.


  • This kite is a quadrilateral because it has the quadrilateral rules 1. it has 4 sided 2. it has 4 angles 3. it is in closed.


  • The kite has 1 right angle I know that it is a right angle because I put two right angles together and if it was a right angle it should have made a straight angle and it did and half of a straight angle is 90 degrees so that means that there differently was a right angle in this kite. I also know that the right angle is equal to two of the acute angles on this kite.  Also I know that a right angle has to be 90 degrees or else it is not a right angle and this right angle was definitely 90 degrees.


  • In the kite there is an acute angle. I know that it is an acute angle because I put the right angle under the acute angle and it was less than the right angle and I know that an acute angle is less than a right angle (90 degrees, or a quarter turn) but more then nothing, (no degrees, no turn). I think that the acute angle was 45 degrees. I found this out by taking the right angle of one of the other kites and putting it under the acute angle and we realised it we half of a right angle (90 degrees) which 45 degrees is we worked this out by rounding the 90 degrees up to 100 degrees then by halving 100 degrees to get to 50 degrees taking away 5 degrees to get 45 degrees and if you add 45 degrees and 45 degrees together you get 90 degrees.


  • In this kite there is 2 obtuse angles. I know that this is an obtuse angle because I got a right angle and put it under the obtuse angle and the obtuse angle was more. Then I put two right angles together to make a straight angle (180 degrees, a half turn or 2 quarter turns) and put the obtuse angle on top and the obtuse angle was less and I know that an obtuse angle in more than a right angle (90 degrees, or a quarter of a turn) but less than a straight angle. I think that the obtuse angle is 112 and a half degrees because I got the right angle and an acute angle and put it on top of the obtuse angle and it was half of the acute angle which was 45 degrees and all of the right angle which is 90 degrees and I know half of a acute angle is 22 and a half degrees and added it to the 90 degrees and got 112 and a half degrees.


  • All of the angles together equal 360 degrees. I know this because if you took all of the angles and put them around one point it would equals a full turn or 360 degrees. Another way to prove it is if you add all of the angles together it would equals 360 degrees. 90 + 45 = 135 then 112 = 112 = 224 + 1 = 225 then + 135 + 225= 360 degrees.



Follow The Line Challenge.

Over the past week we have worked on a new challenge. The first aim was to follow a straight black line.

This is what I 1st thought the program should look like…   Click link to watch video.

Follow the line challenge 1 program #6 Good.-u2wx7b

Gradually the teacher would gave use a little hint, until finely we figured out the program. this is what it looked like in the end.

follow the line challenge 2 program #8 movie good 1-1x3puo8

What was the hardest part of this challenge?

Follow The Line Challenge #2

This week in robotics we stared the next challenge in the follow the line challenge. This challenge was to make your robot follow the line and when you touched the touch sensor it would stop.

one of the challenges was to draw what you thought your program was going to look like this is mine.

When I tried this program it didn’t work I don’t think it worked because…

After that I finally figured out what the program was…

follow the line challenge 2 #end 5 y-1rsgfzi

This week we have also worked with Spiro, A Sphero is a Sphero that rolls around if you program it much like the robot.

I think the Sphero moves from your computer telling the mooter of the robot to make the small weal on the bottom turn in a seratent direction for a sertant a munt of time. Then when the ball spins it creates with the plastic cover on the outside of everything making it spin and there for move.

This is a photo of what the inside looks like.

Our 1st challenge was to draw a letter or number on the screen and make your robot do that.

You had to draw your letter, word or number in joint writing so that it moved smoothly to the next letter, word or number other wise every time you took you finger of the screen the robot would go to the next place you put your finger down, making it a different picture.

Then the robot would do The Program, as the robot did the program it would show what it was doing on the screan. One of the things I noticed is that the robot never did exactly what you drew and normally it would be a lot wonkier.

Our 1st challenge with the Spiro was to make it go around a shape.


My group chose to do the square because it was an easy 1st shape. Unfortunately we only had time to try the 1st 2 programs we mad. The 1st Program did the correct thing but it was very, very small so to fix this we tried to work out how you can make the time it goes straight for, go for longer, to do this we found a little button that changes it so we changed it from to 11.

Next lesion I am hopping that we can fix this an make it work!

This week in robotics was the last week for the teem so we had to try and finish all of the programs they had given us over the term. I had to finish the squiggly line, the one lap of the oval and then stop and follow the black line touch the touch sensor and then turn around. 1st I did the squiggly line challenge.

This is my first program, I don’t think it worked because.

then I realised that you had to make a holl new program so this is my program that worked.

Micro worlds

Today we were learning how to wright our initials so I had to write S.V the first task we to just wright our initials normally and then if you wonted you could wright them in bubble riting or something fancy. I got the S.V don and was trying to do the v in bubble righting.

The hard part was doing the S this is how I did it….

Session 3:

Today was a fantastic day starting off with learning how to program the robot and what every in the green section did we also found out how to transfer the program from the computer to the robot. The app we used was Lego Mindstorms education EV3.

I found out that the 3 green one makes it move backwards and forwards in seconds, rotations and degrees.

Session #2

Today in robotics our group had to finished of our robot because it still was not done and we had to go on to something else. We could not find any of the peaces so we got to go onto the 2 task early, The task was to look very closely at your robot and see what you could find you had to look at the obvious things and the thing that you can not see I found.

(Added in pitcher of design)

  • That there was 2 cords to get the information from the brain to the motor.
  • I could see that there was an Lego bloke up the top witch is the brain that stores all of your work and information you have worked on over the year.

Session  #1

Today we got split in to groups that we are going to share our robots in. We hade to make our robots out of robotics Lego.

lony vidio #1 yes..-22bl37u

It was hard because not all of our group was helping some of them were just doing what ever and not paying attention to what we were doing and it was hard to find the right peaces because there was so many.

If I did it again then I would try go faster and help build the robot rather than getting all the pieces and taking pitchers.

 session 4:


Today we got given a challenge that contend 3 different ways to do the same thing we had to make the robot go forwards and backwards but not just a little we had to make it go  as long as a table the 3 ways we had to do it was……

  • Rotation
  • Degrees
  • Seconds

The 1st one my grope did was Rotation this is how we did it…

Rotations challenge 1-1sl1htn

the challenges were figuring out witch one was Rotation and how to change it to Rotation, also it was hard to make sure it just keep on going and not always taking little brakes and then move again, to fix this we had to change the number in one of the little boxes from 1 to 5. this is how we did it

Next we did degrees this is how we did it…

digrees challenege 2-x52g28

the challenges were

Last but no least we did secions this is how we did it………

digrees challenege 3-2buzd2n

the challenges were


Session #5

Today my group For Robotics Started the next challenge, it was to make your robot go in the shape of a diamond/spare like a Baseballs tiring to get a home run. I tried a few times to make it but they didn’t all work. The first time I did it, it wouldn’t turn enough and instead of going in a diamond shape it would go in a diamond shape it would, still go in a diamond shape but instead it of making an in closed shape it would make an unenclosed diamond shape witch means the robot wasn’t turning enough. I had to try it again but this time it did the same thing, but instead of making unenclosed diamond it would make a shape that looked like this….

Added in pic

Witch means that instead of not turning far enough it would true to fare. this is what it looked like…

Added in vid

next week I am going to start the next challenge witch is to make our robot go in a circle around a circular  chair.

Session #6

Today I did the challenge that was to make your robot go around the circle chair, I had to make the inside weal go slower and the outside weal go faster because if they went at the same speed then it would make the robot go straight, for example if I had one of my legs planter and couldn’t move but the other on could the I would go in a circle…

this is what it was like in the end…

The hardest parts were the holl thing but mostly working out how to make one weal go slower than the other and also making the robot go in a big enough circle to go around the chair. This is how we did it…

session #7

Today we learnt what the sensers were, there were 4 sensors the 1st one was the colour sensor, the colour sensor was a little brick, and you could program it to do a trick or something when it saw the colour red, yellow, blue and green, so on your computer you would program your robot to go forwards, and it would it would go forwards forever until it came to the colour on your computer then it would do the trick in its program. the next sensor was the tuch sensor, touch sensor was a little brick with a red X that was like a spring on the end this was used to put something in like a . You would program your robot to keep on going forwards or do some sort of movement until the sjhc (spring) hit a wall, chair or something and then it might turn around or do a trick much like the colour sensor. the other 2 sensors were the  sensor and the sensor. Today we focused on the colour sensor first we had to attach the sensor to the robot.


Session #8

Today we continuer with our colour sensor and I got it to work I relised that I had to use the senser that mad the robot go on forever….

From there all I had to do was add In what I wonted it to do so I mad it do a degree turn and go bake to the colour it started at. This is what the program looked like in the end.

Session #9

Today I started the next sensor witch was the t


What is a robot?

-I think a robot is an object that, uses electricity, is electric, is, used with electricity, and has to be mad or programed to do something or is tolled to do something though a computer in cod. I also think a robot is something that can do anything if you tell it to though codes and programing.

-I found out that a robot are very hard to describe and even the man how invented them cant describe them.


What do you need to make a robot?

-I think to make a robot you need a computer to tell it what to do in the end, a plan so you know what you are building and why, and I also think you can make a robot out of anything that you can find as long as it has hard.

-I found out to make a robot could be made from lots of different materials like metal and plastic. the 3 parts s you need are 1. A controller which is run from a computer program 2. Mechanical parts like motors weals and gears that are run by air water or electricity 3. Sensor that tell a robot what is around it.


What is a program?

-I think a program is like a cod it tells a robot what to do and how to do it. I also think a program is a thing to tell a robot how to do a simple task in a complicated why so it makes sense to them because a robot is very stupid and doesn’t have a brain.

-I found out a program is a group of specific instructions written by a human though a computer to make a robot do task.


Why do you think people invented robots?

-I think people invented robots because, it makes life easier and if you have a robot working for you, you don’t have to pay them, they don’t have to eat and take lunch brakes, they don’t have holidays, they don’t have to go home and sleep, they don’t get tiered and they can do it faster and they can do anything.

-I found out people invented modern robots to help with difficult or dangerous factory jobs and the boring things, but people mostly them to see what they could do and how much they could do.

Session #1

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg Machine

Session #1/2:

Today in class we started designing/ planning the beginning of  our Rube Goldberg Machine, My group work out that the purpose is going to be that it is going to take a photo on a computer of anything we thought it could do this by dropping a marble onto a computer, but only a small marble so it doesn’t brake the computer we are using. We worked out that the materials we are using are going to be….

  • Balls (A golf ball and 2 marbles)
  • String (for the start to pull) 
  • Funnel 
  • Cardboard box  (To hold every thing in and to cut for ramps)
  • Lego (To make Lego dominoes)


It is going to do this, it stares with a platform that has a piece of string on the bottom of it witch you pull and makes it a ramp witch a marble role down into a funnel and then down a long ramp witch makes a marble hit 3 Lego dominoes our group chose to us Lego dominoes because we thought it would be easier to set up that using small dominos and so it would noke into the next thing harder, we did not get to do the rest and we will do it next lesion.

Our goal next lesion is to finish our design and then label of what it is what it does and what force is at use. We hope we can also start building.

Session #3:

Today or grope finished of our plan these are the materials we added…

  • Yogurt cup #2 (For pulley)
  • Computer
  • peace of paper (To fall in the bin)
  • Pool noddle (Instead of ramp)

And this is what we added, so after hitting the Lego dominoes it knocked into a golf ball witch rolled into a yogurt cup witch was a pulley when the golf ball rolled into the yogurt cup it became uneven making the side with the golf ball in it fall down to the ground were the computer was waiting and the cup fall onto the photo button, but in steed of stopping there we thought it should have 2 purposes so while the other side was going down and taking a photo it came up with a little peace sticking out of the sided witch hits a ball that knocks a peace of paper into the bin. Materials

That only toke a few minutes to draw so we got to build the first 3 simple machine, we started to build was platform that turns into a ramp and it falling into the funnel followed by the pool noddle first.

The hardest part when we were making it was, making sure it tiped when you pulled the string and didn’t just fall It was also hard to make sure that the marble fall into the funnel and not the ground To fix it we mad the ramp small so that the funnel covered, over the whole/ramp. To bullied it we used…

  • Pool Noddle (For ramp so it is different)
  • Funnel
  • Peace Of Cardboard (For ramp/ platform)
  • Marble #1
  • String (To pull)

This is what it looked like in the end……

Next we started to build the Lego dominoes witch the marble hits after rolling through the noddle.

We had to make them a few times because, the first time we made it, they were to big and the marble was not powerfullenuf to nock them over we keep on trying different ways until we got 3 skinny ones but we thought 3 Lego dominoes was to many so we changed it to 2 Lego dominos.

This is what it looked like in the end…..

Session #4

Today in design, we went bake to our Rube Goldberg Machine and realised that we were just focusing on one part of the machine that wasn’t working and it wasn’t going to work. We had to change it and now it goes like this. ok so the beginning is still the same it is just after the marble comes out of the pool noddle instead of knocking into the Lego dominoes first it knocks into a bigger ball that is strong enough to knock over the dominos so the marble comes out of the pool noddle and knocks into a bigger marble witch than hits the Lego dominos that then hits a little marble witch falls through another pool noddle that fall onto a seesaw witch a piece of paper is waiting on one side and the marble falls onto the other a makes it fly into the bin and its done.

At the end we looked at it again and realised that it was just pretty much just started at a high point and finished at the lowest point and a few things happened in-between. So next lesion we are going to change that and change our design to what the Rube Goldberg Machine looked like.

Session #5

Today my group looked at our Rube Goldberg Machine and tried to see a way to change it from just going straight down and we tried making it go along the table and then get to the end this is what we came up with…..

But we didn’t like it so we changed it bake to our old Machine because we did like that one, we thought we could just make it perfect and work every time. We spent a long time trying and trying to get it to work until it finally worked…

The Finale Lesion

Today was the final lesion and my group was working on making sure it worked 8 out of 10 times and the finale video hear it is….

Over this past term I have learnt a lot, hers a few, Rube Goldberg machine is a complex machine that does a complex task, that simple machines are used everywhere and that I most enjoyed making it, sharing my ideas for it and doing all the small simple machines and I think it defiantly helped when we did the real machine. My favourite was the pulley , If I did again I would make our rube Goldberg machine have more ups because I rube Goldberg machine started at the highest point and finished at the lowest and a few things happened in-between I would also added more detail to my design and I would make it go for a little longer but I think my group did really well and I enjoyed it a lot and would defiantly do it again or do something like it.


Rube Goldberg mine simple machine


Today we had to make a Rube Goldberg machine the goal was to make a complex machine that does a simple task with a series of actions that happen in a domino affect or a Rube Goldberg machine, we had to make it in 2 hours, in a group of 3, The machine could do any thing you wonted, but it had to make a piece of paper fall into a bin.


when we first started my team thought of a whole bunch of different ideas that didn’t really connect, so we had to stop and work out a plan. Our first plan involved 7 different materials or action, they included our wood work car, a few dominoes, a golf ball, a yogurt cup, string, paper and a rubbish bin. It went like this, the wood work car hit the dominos, which hit the ball, that rolled into a cup which slied down a piece of string like a zip line, which hit a piece of paper that falle into the bin. But when we bilt it the zip line didnet work because it would get stuck half way though the zip line because when we cut the yogurt cup it was not perfected and there was little jagered bites that it would get stuck on. After a wile we stoped because we had relised that the zip line was not working and was just taking up time, so we got rid of the zip line and replaced in with a marble that went though a pipe that loped aroned under the table and hit a piece of paper into the bin.

Rube Goldeberg 1 work-1o1hj9p

we thought this was going to work better because it was more simple and essayer to build  but it still was a challenge because every time the dominoes fell they would either hit the ball to the rong side, miss it or push it slightly but not far enough.

rube goldberg #1-1gsc1y

Rube Goldberg 1 lots-qjrlxc


In the end of the two hours our Rube Goldberg machine only worked 1 time but it was lots of fun to build it. Next time we build a Rube Goldberg machine I am going to spend time on each little action/task and go step by step rather than rushing ahead and doing every thing at once.  Next time I am going to added more detale to my plan of the Rube Goldberg machine because this time we mad it, it was just a little pitcher with not very much detale, words showing what is happening or using words like gravity, momentum, speed and friction.

lony vidio robot lego #1 yes..-206ibia

If I did it again I would try to spend more time on it and think carefully and I would also go in a group of 2 and do something easier.

I can not wait to do it again.

Rube Goldberg machine Lego.

For this week in design we are going to do small little activates with the teachers, To help use for when we are  making our big Rube Goldberg Machine and to help let use know how to make it.Today we made a Lego Rube Goldberg Machine, we got put into groups of 3 and 2 and then made a one of the small simple machines. We got given the pulle it was a tower of Lego.

It was hard because in the pulley there is a paper cup that the ball falls into, to make the weight uneven and the cup fall which mad a Lego block go up and hit a ball, but the ball was to far away and the Lego block wasn’t hitting it, so we had to added a little bit on the end of the paper fore the ball to sit on, but it still didn’t  hit the ball, so we kept on trying new ways but didn’t get to finish it, it was also hard because everyone was getting annoyed that the ramp was not working and this mad it hard for us to think of a way to fix it.

Next time we work on it our group is going to try cut out a new ramp and make it a bit longer so the Lego block can hit it.

We were focising on the simple machine in our pulley which was the part in the machine that made the pulley go up and down, this worked by a force could gravity, one side would have something hevyer in it than the other which meant gravity would pull down the side that was heveyer than the other to make the sides uneven and the ather side would come up and nock the ball that was sitting on the ramp which would roll down.

 if you can not read this the circle part is the simple machine in our pulley.

I think I would defiantly use this in my Rube Goldberg machine because it is a good why to make a ball movie rather than just letting it roll along the ground, I also think it was fun to build and if I added it in I would put it in a spot were one of the simple machines were going to gone to the next.

lego lony fast pull yes-162iu22

If I did it again I would try to help a little more to make it rather than take the photos and I would try something different.

Lego it finly worked-1t7ee3r

Rube Goldberg connectix

Day #1  

Today we continued to do the week work instead we went with another teach and used connectix. We were allowed to buled any thing in the instruction book that had a simple machine in it, my group chose the scales.

There was not very many problems in the proses of making this but it was hard to connect the knetic together.

conect movie yes-2cyeyn7

Day #2

Today we went to get our simple machine but it was broken into little pieces so we had to start again but this time it was a lot easier because we new what we were doing and there was an extra person in our group so we all had roles 2 people would build at a time another person would do the videoing and the last person would get the pieces and then we would switch. There wasn’t many problems but every now and agen we would argu about how should be building and how shouldn’t.

The simple machine in this scale is acryle not the hole thing it is only the part in the part that makes the scale move from side to side it moves because if you put a heavier thing in one side lake a few Lego blocks than it would make the scale uneven there for the side with the thing on it would fall down lifting the other side up into the air then using this you can measure what is heavier than another thing.

  If it is not clear is says that the circled part is the simple machine.

If I added this into my Rube Goldberg machine it would go some were in the middle to connect one simple machine to the other, but I probably wont us it in my Rube Goldberg machine.

if I did it age I would try something harder and I would try to build more than taking the photos for everyone.

Rube Goldberg pulley

Today we continued  to do our Rube Goldberg thing to help us to know what to do excepted we mad a pulley. On the Instruction shat there was 3 different ways we could make a pulley and each of them keep on getting harder.

The materials we used were,

seizers, string, yogurt cup, marbles and. The easy parts were putting the wiyer and tiying the string to the wire the hard parts were making the hock for the pulley to hang from and rapping the string around the.

I would defiantly added this to my Rube Goldberg machine any were because .1 it was fun to build but a bit of a challenge .2 it is a very good simple machine to put in and .3 it is a good why to get a ball or what ever across the table or something  in a complex way rather than something boring like rolling it across the table

pulley #yes fast 1-1xy9p6g

If I did it again I would try to do it from higher up and see if it would work if you used more materials.


Investigating Friction


My question is which surface has the least friction?

We will change:

the surface because if we changed the car it would not be far because if you had one car that was fat and heavy and a car that was thin and light, and you tried them out on one surface they would have a different resolute.

We will observe:

which surface makes the car go the furthest and has the least friction.

We will keep the same:

  • we will keep the same care.
  • we will keep the same weight of the car.
  • we will keep the same amount of push that you push the car with.


What did you find out?


Even though it did go far I found out that the car doesn’t go that far on the polished floor boards because, friction is two surfaces that are in contact with each other and if there is something in-between each surface then it is harder fore the two surfaces to be in contact, and on the polished floor boards there is oil, so that makes it hard for the car to go straight or far.

I found out that o the oval it doesn’t go very far because, on the oval there is grass and the grass is bumpy and has lots of twigs so that is slowing it down and because