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Hi all, today I will be doing a blog on our most recent project maths investigation, knights tour.

At the start when Mrs Flakemore told us that we were doing this, honestly I had no idea what this was, and as of now you probably don’t either. So this is how you play the knights tour game:

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The way to play it:

You start off with your knight, starting from a place on a even chessboard (our class played it on a 8×8 chessboard, but you can play it on any grid board, like a 5×5 board) and as this being the “knights tour” you have to move to every space on the board, but the only legal move you can make is the move a knight would usually make in a game of chess, a subsequent “L” shape. But you can only traverse each square once (only counting the ones the knight actually lands on.) Like I said before the aim of the game is to traverse each square once, without getting “trapped”.

My Results:

As you can see above I have compiled a graph of my results when playing the knights tour virtual game on maths300. In it, there is obviously a lot of variation in the data at the start, The lowest being 9 and the highest being a solution, but towards the end it sort of flattened out a bit around the 50 mark, and below is a result of one game I played on the virtual edition.

Unfortunately I only got 51, which like I said before was pretty much my average for the past 5 times. One of the strategies I used was going to the worst first, which is sometimes hard to do as the virtual game doesn’t show the number of squares you can go to so you have to figure it out yourself, most of the time on simulations it works all the time but as you can see I’ve tried implementing the strategy there, but I only got 51.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest blog addition. For now, stay tuned to the internet


Me as a reader

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I like reading in bed before I go to sleep

It looks like me huddled up in bed with a torch

It sounds silent because I like to read silently

It feels like me reading and taking in the full extent of the book

I love reading Action, Inspirational and mystery



Hi all, today I will be doing a post on the editing stage of my passion project.

following on from last post

Once I had all the footage I needed I headed back home to start the editing. Remember, the SD card is full on my camera, so I scoured through that to find extra footage and guess what? I had heaps of footage from previous times I took footage of aircraft at YMML I should call it (The ICAO code for Melbourne Airport). I found some good music on Nocopyrightsounds that fitted the length of the project and off I went! I added a few voice-overs and Titles in the midst of it and had to decrease the volume of the original plane videos drastically but not too much and I got my end result!

I hope you have enjoyed this latest post for my passion project. Until next time, Stay tuned!

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Digital Etiquette

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Hi all. Today I will be doing a blog on what digital etiquette/netiquette means. This will be the 2nd digital citizenship blog for me. Before you read this post, have a look at my first digital citizenship blog. Here is the link to it.

THINK online

In Triple R today we discussed what digital etiquette (sometimes called digital netiquette) means.

We found some definitions for things relating to digital netiquette. Here are some of them:

  • Flaming/flame wars. When 2 or more people start an argument about something online that can very soon turn bad and sometimes pointless.
  • Trolls. People who scour the internet looking to start random flame wars. These people can have a huge affect on the victim of the so called “trolling”
  • Anonymous. A group of sinister hackers looking to take over the world who wear these types of masks:

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  • Other anonymous. A term used to describe people not knowing your identity.



Reading Rant #6 A song from somewhere else by A.F.Harold

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Hi all, today I will be doing another reading rant (which I’m pretty sure it’s number 6, correct me If I am wrong please). So lets get right in to the action

Frank doesn’t know how to feel when Nick Underbridge sticks up for her from being bullied one afternoon. Nobody in Frank’s class likes Nick. He’s big, he’s weird and he smells – at least that’s everyone thinks anyway.
And yet, when Frank is Nick’s house, she feels that there is something nice about it There is very strange music playing there, a song from somewhere else, and it feels really cheerful and makes Frank feel happy for the first time all summer.
But there’s more to Nick, and to his house, than meets the eye, and soon Frank realises that she isn’t the only person keeping secrets about themselves, or needs help.

The genre in this book is Friendship stories.

My opinion.

I thought the first 10 pages or so of this book were very boring and did not get you hooked but at about page 20 the actual story kicked off and that was the part that was written the best. At the end though It was very predictable what would happen and the main story kid of dragged on a bit too much. I feel like the characters were very well thought of. The plot didn’t really make that much sense but even then I still understood it.

I would recommend this book to people who like stories of friendship with a touch of fantasy and I would give this book a rating of 7/10


Hi all, Today I will be blogging about the production stage of my passion project, which if you didn’t know was an aviation music video, as by the time I have posted this I have already done all my filming and have started the #editing phase of my passion project, but we will get to that later. For now, you will hear how the production went.


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Saturday 13th May 2017

The day had finally come, I was all prepared. My camera, tripod, laptop and scanner (For listening to air traffic control communications) were all ready for a day of action, so at 5:30am in the morning we set off, for the Melbourne Tullamarine airport, with all my filming taking place there. The plan was to get up there before sunrise so I could get a Establishing panning shot of the airport at dawn and some sunrise arrivals and departures but due to the low light I did not get a good panning shot of the airport, so I had to settle on a sunrise time lapse, here is the original video of the sunrise time lapse

After that I tried out some different locations according to the active runway that the aircraft were using, I spent a good 2 and a half hours getting footage for my passion project which at times was challenging because of the active runway the aircraft were using. After I got breakfast in the terminal I spent some time getting the footage from the T4 carpark, which is where I got the photo above from. Unfortunately as I was filming from T4 the memory on the SD card ran out, which was very annoying but very convenient because I saw that I had heaps of unused footage from other times I went up to Melbourne airport and from the air show earlier this year. So then realising that no further footage was required I went back home.

I hope you all have enjoyed my latest blog post and as always, Stay tuned to the internet!

Birke Baehr TED talk

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Hi all, today I will be doing a blog on another TED talk, this time, by Birk Baehr (good luck pronouncing that surname) on why the industrialized food system needs to change, these were some of the things he did really well in it.

  • He had a clear message, which was that we all can make a change to anything, in thins case the industrialized food system, one kid at a time.
  • He had a very clear script, it was amazingly well memorized and did not need any technical equipment, (minus the microphone) which to me is very impressive on how well he memorized his script.
  • He presented it really well in general, and paced up and down the stage but not too much, but not too little. This is one of many presentation techniques he could have used
  • It was very entertaining, he hooked the audience straight away and kept them interested throughout the talk.\\
  • I think he used too many hand gestures, a few are fine, but he used way too many in my opinion.

Thank you for reading to the end of my latest blog, Please leave a comment down below and as always, stay tuned!\

Watch his ted talk here.

THINK online

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Hi all, today I will be doing a blog on our new RRR unit, Digital Citizenship.

I believe that every interaction online must be:
  • TRUE because well if it’s not true word can spread around that you started all the rumours and that’s not really that good for you
  • HELPFUL because it needs to help someone otherwise there is no point posting.
  • INSPIRING because it should make people feel good about themselves and feel motivated as well. Which leads
  • NECESSARY because if it is not what is the point of posting/texting if it has no purpose.
  • KIND because you have to think whether it might offend someone. As you cannot translate emotion online


Ted Talks 1: The beginning of the journey

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Hi all, today I will be blogging about our new inquiry unit for all of this term and a bit of next term. That you may ask, well you looked at the title, you know what it is. Ted Talks.

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Anyway. A ted talk is a talk/conference about something you are passionate about. Us as a year level watched a very inspirational ted talk about making apps, and guess who talked about it? The one, The only…


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LUIS Suarez

Oh sorry wrong one. I meant this guy

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Otherwise known as Thomas Suarez.

He did a TED talk on like I said, app and game design. I was watching his TED talk, and I really liked it, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • He had a clear message, which was that anyone can think outside the box and do what they want to do best
  • He really connected with the audience, getting them hooked at the start and getting the message across really entertainingly while still keeping the TED talk serious.
  • He had a very clear script, it was well memorised and like I said before was really entertaining, speaking of which, he didn’t really have to look at the script, but because he needed to occasionally glance at the script, he had a iPad in his left arm which had the script on it, and in his right arm he had the remote which controlled the slideshow happening behind him
  • He presented it really well in general, and paced up and down the stage but not too much, but not too little. This is one of many presentation techniques he could have used

Thank you for reading to the end of my latest blog, Please leave a comment down below and as always, stay tuned!




Hi everyone, today I will be talking about the planning stage of my passion project.

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As far as it goes, I am planning to do all my filming on Saturday the 13th of may, not only because that’s the most convenient day to do all my filming up at Melbourne Airport, but because the 2nd Saturday of each month is the best time to take the filming. As you see above, my shotlist has details of what time of day I will film. I will be up there to catch some sunrise arrivals, spend until 12:00 there, go get some lunch for 1 hour and then spend until 3:00 up there before heading back home. As in terms of the music. I am going ok with it, I have a strong chord progression going and I have worked out the tempo and I’m pretty close to finalising a melody. But with the software I’m using, well unfortunately I haven’t downloaded it onto my computer yet, because I am not sure how much it will cost just to download the software onto my computer. It might be as little as free and as much as $129.99!!!!!

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I hope you have liked my latest update on my passion project. Comment below about what you thought was good and what wasn’t good. And as always, stay tuned to the internet!