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Build an Instument

This my Build an instument project in my desine book when we first started this project.

All about me

Build an Instrument

This is my instrument finished.

debuging 1 and 2


Books that i’ve read

At the start of term two we got to chose a book . The books were Two hands together , I am Jack ,Christophe’s story and a  roomful of magic. I chose A Roomful of magic because it looked interesting.


In term 3 we are reading Blue Back this book was very good for the environment I’ve got to say this was one of my favourite books because Abel moved back home and helped his mother.

Year 4 camp at Healesville

I saw the camp sight I started squeezing my friends hand. When I got of the bus I ran over to my other friends and started screaming when are bags were off the bus. when we sat down Mr Johnston started calling out the cabins I herd my name and then my friends and I started jumping up and down  then all of a sudden  we were running to  our cabin and I screamed out I’m on the top bunk. My favourite part was doing the leap of faith.



The big hole of doom

Today we went to the Drysdale landfill centre.  I learnt that in eight years when I’m in year 12 the Drysdale landfill centre will close down. I wonder what they will do next? my favourite part was learning about there were no sorting of the bins from 1985 -2004.

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