This time we are doing beetle blocks its like scratch and  snap but its 3d!!! and its more Tricky.

we have started to do turtle art now we are making repeat.


1                                                                          stacks on

This is the stacks on it was a bit tricky.

This is the coding for stacks on was a bit tricky because i need another repeat block and then I had to change were the ‘start extruding’ over to lines because it was on ‘x’. and then I also had to get a position’ block and change it over to z.

2                                                                       polygon


This the polygon code and a screen cast.


This is the polygon it has 12 sides.


This is the code for polygon I had to change ‘move’ from 8 to 12.

  3        Rhumbas

This is a rumbas that I was just experiment so I knew what to do on turtle art.


    4      Cross

This is the cross one it very tricky it took a lot of try’s to get the fat then the skinny and then I turn it into a cross.

5    Repeat


so this is my repeat one it was just hexagon then I wanted to add more so added a circle.





This is the same but I added more!!!