This Millie, Stella and I project we decided to do Mini golf because we all like playing it. The start has gone smoothly so far but I’m shore it will get quite hard. this is the start of our coding. my goal is to coraprate and work together and to focused and not get distracted and make every second count. next we are doing is to fix our wing                                                                                                           meal and then we will finish the coding.

This the start of our coding for the wing meal  we had to change a bit of the coding because it was going to fast so we are working on how to slow it down.

What we will need

1 cardboard

2 grass

3 glue

4 lego\eve3

5 pipe

6 tape

7 small boxes

8 train trucks

9 hot glue

10 paper

11 Lego blocks

12 golf ball

13 golf stick

we were going to glue a clown on to the pipe but we couldn’t get the clown bigger for the pipe.

We are gluing paper around the pipe so its                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    more carnival look  


This is the wing meal finished. it was challenging because it wasn’t working because we couldn’t get the right time but now we did


This is my design in my book. We are getting rid of the ramp because we realised it would be hard to get it up there on a small peace of grass so we replace it with 4 boxes and trains we go around on the boxes and the ball will need to dodge the boxes.


These videos explain what we are doing but the sticky tape didn’t quit work so we are hot gluing it.

In the second video we are going to glue the pipe down we have decided to stick little shops like ‘hit the bottle’ on the side.

This is the grass and we cut the hole so the ball can get in there.

This is the wing meal going to fast.

The wing meal is finely finished we got it a the wright time and now it wont be impossible to try and hit the ball throw


this is the coding for the wing meal  and its moving at the perfect past

we have started to put bowls in the end of the mini golf and we are going to put cones on the bowls so it can be ice cream  and we are going to build a ramp and its going to be moving we put the balls there because we needed more obstacles


this is our golf we have put candy floss and popcorn and put cones on to the bowls now we are going to stick on the ramp.

this the fishing golf course we might put something in the middle. We got foam balls and wrapped it in paper and got the cones from the shops we put the popcorn and cotton candy there because its carnival like and we needed more obstacles. we put the games there because carnivas have games.


this the clown moving and we decided to do a clown not a ramp because we thought might be a bit hard trying to hit the ball onto the ramp

this is the candy floss Stella made the box Millie  made the candy floss Millie got cotton and pink and blue paper and water ad left it over night

this is the popcorn I made the box and Stella made the paper se just scrunched up some yellow paper

this is the finished project  e did not have time to put something in the middle but were still very  happy with it we have moved the cones more to the wingmeal so you cant get a hole in one. so the ball will go throw the pipe and then throw the wing meal and into the clown. I have lernt how to work with micro bit.