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Month: March 2018


Shivering in cold,

Little fur ball chomping grass,

Smells like farm and hay.


I chose to write a Haiku poem about our guinea pig called Pumpkin because his calm and soft and doesn’t bite my finger!



This term we are doing a project called Plot to Plate. We need to grow some food so

That we can use it to make pizzas and salad. My group is Millie, Lily and Amelia

We’re growing beetroot, garlic, spring onion and radish.

I wonder if the food will all survive?

I wonder if the food will taste good?

I wonder if we will remember to water it?


Pop sticks

We did a pop stick challenge but first we needed to

write an estimate. Mine was 10900. We started

to count the pop sticks. We went into groups and

we put 10 in one bundle and then once we had 10

bundles it was a hundred. Then once we counted

them we knew what the exact number was…it 7607. Lily C was the

closest. She guessed 7605!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our class novel this term is Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr.

My home reading book is Dork Diaries.


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