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robotic coannbot

Lilli , Stella and I are nearly finished all we have to do is code so ….. I think that’s going to be tricky because I’m a terrible coder so thts gonna be fun.

any whey here’s some photos of the finished robot.


me and Bobbi have been working on this project for awhile and weave had some goods and some bad days but we turned the bad days into good  right now weave had some trouble trying to get in some pins thorw cardboard and so we thought of a nother idea to right on the card bored




Lego robotics catapult

hi this is stella , lilli’s and i’s project the catapult heres some of the photos we took.






Here’s some photos off my project.

Great Barrier Reef

This is Bobbis and i’s project about The Great Burrier of Reef.

We want to show that we care about it and to look after it. we have started working on the great barrier reef  desine so far its going great there will be a picter of us making soon but here what it looks like on scratch.


Micro bit – badge

Bobbi and I created a badge and this is the video of the badge working.

Micro:Bit Step Counter

Build an Instument

This my Build an instument project in my desine book when we first started this project.

All about me

Build an Instrument

This is my instrument finished.

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