Richard Turere TED Talk

Richards main message was that you don’t need a big solution to solve a big problem and if you start to fail you can always come up with  a new solution and you don’t always go straight to violence. he used humour and good use of language. he used a mic, a speaker, lights and a […]

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think the main messages is that no matter how old you are you can pursue your dreams . well I think that he got the message to the audience by staying connected and using a bit of humour. he used a mic, a screen, lights, speakers and a Ipad. he looked at the audience […]


In tinkering my group and I decided to take apart a radio and I learnt what  a mother board is and then we started coming up with ideas of what we could make and one of us thought that we could use the speakers in the radio to make a Bluetooth speaker.


Today in math we were asked to write on a sticky note how many times the spinner will land on the white out of 10 times. I chose 4/10 because I feel like if chose 5/10 I would be way to unlikely so I chose 4/10.  Mathematical probability my prediction out of 40 orange 1/8  4/40 […]

Robotics Term 3

Session 1 in session 1 we were simply asked to do a easy colour sensor well my group thought it would be easy but really it was quite hard because the program it just would not work so we tried on another EV3 but it still would not work. Session 2 In session 2 we […]