Fay’s nines

Fay’s nines is a maths project where there is a grid with 9 squares and we have to put the numbers from 1-9 on it to make up 999 with a hundreds column on the left, a tens column in the middle and a ones column on the right. when we started the problem Alex […]

RVE country #1

In RVE this term we had to pick a county and research it, I chose Germany. Germany didn’t have a very different culture to us but there were a few differences and here are some. They have different dishes to us for example they eat a lot of pastries like Spaghettieis, Bienenstich and Spritzkuchen just to name a […]

Building views

Explanation of what the activity was. in building views we had to make what the sheet wanted us to make but it would only show us how many blocks high it goes and we had to record what it looked like from the side and  front but on sheet 2 we had to make it just from […]

The lost princess

Today in class we watched a short film about how the lost princess met someone online called white knight. here are some of the messages that I learnt. Never share your location with someone you don’t know. Don’t be addicted to technology, learn to control yourself. Don’t let anyone know your passwords even close friends.   […]

passion project term 3

What do you intend to create? a Fortnite story film. What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? screen capture playstasion 4 phone. Who is your project targeted at? anyone. What are you looking forward to? making the film.

Digtial Etiquette

What is netitiquette? being kind to people and respectful on the internet. what is a flame war? when someone starts getting really mad and they take it to the internet and starts some drama with someone else. what is a internet troll?  someone who looks to make someone mad or angry. what is anonymous? it […]

Win At The Fair

In project maths we have been playing with win at the fair. Win at the fair is a game where we have to find out if we make money or we lose money and it turns out we lost a lot of money. This is the losing game board This was our result of 1000 […]

THINK online

digital citizenship means that you act the way that you would in real life. I think that if it is not true don’t say it. if it dose not help the situation don’t say it. if it dose not inspire people to be there best don’t say it. if it is not necessary don’t say […]