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What do you intend to create?  I want to make a book of  my realistic drawings and how to draw them so that people can follow my steps and draw it for them self’s or for others. The way I will present it is that i will show the the time laps and show the class then pass the book around and let the class look at the drawings  and steps


What technologies are you planning to use / learn about? 

I will be doing a time laps as well for a video on my phone and maybe my laptop so i can show the class how i draw and what pens or pencils i use

Who is your project targeted at?  At anyone who loves realistic drawing and want to know how to draw  i will have step by step on different realistic drawings like eyes face mouth a drink bottle and other things.


What are you looking forward to?  I am looking forward to seeing what I end up with and for my drawings and doing my drawings

Easy way to draw a realistic eye for Beginners step by step - YouTube

Insert an image that ‘teases’  

your project idea to us. DUE DATE: Monday of Week 3B

Year 6- What Is Matter

Matter can be found everywhere earth, mars, galaxy what ever takes up space can be a mater. So a couch takes up space so that is a matter. matter takes up space and mass but weight is different. Like your wait on the moon for example is 16.5% what you would weigh on earth. your weight can change and mass does not change.

All elements are made up of units of matter called atoms there are the 5 stats of matter solids, liquids, gas, plasma and rubidium also known as Bose-Einstein condensates which is a metal made in 1995.How to Simulate the Early Universe…in a Bose Einstein Condensate ...This is the Bose-Einstein Condensates it is all made of one big atom.

Changing the state of matter from solid, liquid and gas due to ...

An atom for a solid is tightly backed together and for a liquid they a further apart form each other and a gas is spread out everywhere in random parts. It can also depend on the shape and space for a solid it could be in the form of any shape and for a liquid like water, if you were filling up a cup all the space in there would be filled up. For Plasma it can be like heat when you touch it the heat shoots off the energy on to you hand like when you touch a plasma ball. with the plasma ball if you have a light and put it near the plasma ball the light could light up from being near plasma like when you turn on a light the light starts to heat up and that’s with plasma as well.

This is like a life cycle for the elements here it will show you the elements

List of Phase Changes Between States of Matter

lesson two physical change and chemical change.

a physical change is where nothing new is formed but it might look or feel different like if someone was sweating nothing new formed from it but it can feel different.

passion project

What have I achieved so far: What I have achieved was that we made it look realistic and that we actually managed it. What I mean by that is we kind of struggled doing it and my mum didn’t have the time she wanted it done but she managed it.

 What type of learning have you done to up skill yourself? I learnt how to make the actual cake by myself  so I could try and make it again, and how I could try and improve it. I could have tried to make it a bit more realistic if I wanted.

 What successes or challenges have you experienced so far? I have experienced a lot of struggle trying to make it and the challenge was probably the fondant. The fondant was hard because we had to put each line of fondant on one at a time and it a was really hard.

What is the next step for you?   (Insert an image that shows evidence of your process so far.) I am finished my cake and this is the finished piece.

Film school

In film school we have been learning how to make a film in Mr Galluccio’s class we did something called presenting your work to camera. We learnt how important and how many steps there are hear is a video

The next video i am going to show you is about how to use a tripod and a camera, like were all the clips and locks are and how to unlock them enjoy.


This lesson has been about point & shoot with six rules. Rule one the rule of third, balancing elements, leading lines, view point, background and framing.


Audio booths the rules for the booth is respect the space, no food or drinks, leave no evidence, don’t touch the microphone, unplug the USB when playing audio, be quick no more than five mins, keep the runway clear, use head phones, don’t knock.


Zoom cameras the main things you need to know is to talk the lens off, don’t take the mic off, it picks up a lot of sound, it has a dial from 1 to 10 only take it up to seven, use head phones when recording and there is also a pause and play.

In lesson  we have been doing shot list and story bored the most important process is the planning. Planning takes up 60% there is also production which takes 10% and last is obvious editing which takes 30%.

This  lesson is about Royalty free music the things you need to know is you can’t use copyright music you have to use Ben-sound. Ben-sound can give you music that is not copyright.

This lesson is about wireless microphones there are the lapel mics and hand held with the lapel mic you can put it on your collar and walk around with it. The camera has to be on a tripod always. you have to have headphones when listening to the sound.

I am going to tell you about shot gun mics, shot gun mics aren’t high quality the sound is very good and it pics up a lot of background sound. They are mostly used on TV and the news. There is this long mic that looks like a shot gun and that is why it is called a shot gun mic. Always use head phones when watching.

This lesson is about adobe premier the rules you need to know restart your laptop always start a new project save it in second document. Use effects to make it fade away. Here are some things you need to say when you start recording: rolling standing by and action cut. and here is a video for you.

I am going to tell you about green screen, the rules before going in the green are, turn off lights, don’t lock the door, no food or drinks, be quite, don’t leave a mess and shoes off. With green screen you also have to use adobe premier so you can grab a green screen film and add it to yours.


Rabbit Proof Fence

The capture

As we walk through the blazing hot sun using all our strength, we finally make it to the train station. When we were there, we saw Gracie setting there like a statue waiting for the train I tried to get her attention, but she would not look just then I saw a van driving up to Gracie. Immediately I realised who it was it was the man who sent me to that dreadful place where we were sent to be slaves Gracie realised who it was as well and started to run. The man jumped out and ran after her. Just then another man jumped out and run after Gracie, I could see the fear in her eyes. The man ran in front of her she turned and ran the other way, but she was stuck he gabbed her arm and shoved her in the van she screams to us as we watch her be taken away by the van

By Lacey Miller



In Sphero I am working with Zara and we are making shapes.

First we had to do a square. We watched a video that tort us how to make a square with a loop. You have to add the loop and do 4 because a square has 4 sides and then you have to make a 90 degree turn so it will repeat 4 times. You also need to go forward for 1 second and at the end delay 1 second because then you have more time.

We also made a video.

Next we made a nonogon with 9 sides and you turn 45 so you just change the repeat to 9 and you do the same with all the other shapes.

We also made a pentagon with 5 sides here it is.


in the recording we programmed the sphero to say target detected and when it hit it’s target execute this is a picture of the coding.

this is the toss game coding. in the game the coding is that when you toss the sphero to the other player. if it’s tossed high enough it will make a random animal sound here is a demonstration of us playing it.


when you throw the sphero and it makes the animal sound you have to try and guess what animal it is. that’s how the hole game is about.

this is the hot potato game when it terns red that means it’s hot and you have to pass it to the other person, if you catch it while it’s spinning your out it does not mater how many people you have.

Now we are moving on to Java which is words. Our thing says hello square and then it makes a square. It does await and then says the speak which is hello square. Then the colours change and it does a loop which is the get-heading plus 90 which it repeats 4 times because a square has four sides. It turns red when at each corner and turns green when it is doing the lines. Above is the video.

Turtle art

In turtle art we have been trying to make polygons and trying to make our Beetle blocks design on turtle art this is what i had to make.

i made a hexagon and a couple more like an octagon and a nonagon. this is the code for a hexagon on turtle art more simple.

The coding on turtle art is forward 100 and left 60 then it repeats 6 times because a hexagon has six sides. The coding to this is very different to the coding in beetle blocks most of the blocks are different to turtle art for an example.

The code for beetle blocks is much different to turtle art this is how the coding is rearranged something like turtle art but not exactly it some blocks have a different meaning to it but most of it is the same like repeat.

Start extruding is what makes the line extend to get wider and wider. Start drawing is like pd in turtle art but instead it’s start drawing lines or curves. The move 3 is how big you want it to be so as you see on the photo move forward 3, if you made it 4 it would have stretched out a bit to make the polygon bigger.






beetle blocks

Beetle Blocks

in beetle blocks we have been making polygons by coding my polygon is a hexagon this is my code for it

the code is quit simple first there is the repeat then there is start drawing then you need start extruding next is the simple one is to move 3 the final block is rotate z by 360/6 that is the code to make a hexagon




Islamic museum

in the art class i learned that Islamic art has lots of patterns.

We did a 12 sided star and coloured it in i loved it.

We dressed up in their traditional clothing. I had fun dressing up in a blue dress with jewels on it.

We were shown around museum were we learned about their beliefs.

We learned that they have five pillars that they believe in.