fays nines reflection

in this problem Fays Nines we had to find combinations that add up 999 on a vertical addition layout and we figured out there was a total 180 solutions but we still haven’t found out all of them when i started this problem i didn’t think i could find all 180 but i found a […]


so far i haven’t achieved much yet because i need to buy some stuff for it to happen but so far i have got my keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and microphone and once i get a desk it will go a lot faster. i have done research to learn the difference between the different types […]


i didn’t achieve what i originally set out to do because i changed what i was going to do from a flipping edit of myself to a flipping edit of Hayden Elliott and Biff Norrie but i did achieve that. one big challenge that i faced was, my parents went to Germany and they took […]

digital etiquette

what is netiquette? netiquette is treating others the way you would like to be treated online what is flaming flaming is trowing insults at each other online witch starts flame wars what is a troll? a troll someone that goes around trying to start flame wars what is being anonymous? being anonymous is being unidentified […]

Win at the fair reflection

We started of with a bad game board that lost us money and this is the data that our class recorded then we got given two game boards and one we could trial any thing and there was no rules with it, and the second one it had to be a $1 entry fee and […]


I have started my passion project and i have changed my idea from a flipping edit of myself but now i have changed it to a best of Hayden Elliot and Biff Norrie edit and so far i have done about half

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think the main messages in Thomas’s ted talk is: you canĀ  do what ever you want no matter what age you are, kids can teach adults about technology. He got the message across by telling the audience his journey He used the projector to show his apps He used good movement though out his […]

zoom cameras

In the zoom camera clinic we learnt how to use and what is a zoom camera. A zoom camera is just a bit better quality camera than the camcorders. Some things to know about the zoom cameras are: zoom cameras are touch screen, zoom cameras have a good quality mic built in with the wind […]