Thomas Suarez TED Talk

I think the main messages in Thomas’s ted talk is: you can  do what ever you want no matter what age you are, kids can teach adults about technology.

He got the message across by telling the audience his journey

He used the projector to show his apps

He used good movement though out his speech

zoom cameras

In the zoom camera clinic we learnt how to use and what is a zoom camera.

A zoom camera is just a bit better quality camera than the camcorders.

Some things to know about the zoom cameras are: zoom cameras are touch screen, zoom cameras have a good quality mic built in with the wind protector and just because they are called zoom cameras they don’t have a crazy good zoom on the camera it actually isn’t good at all.


shotlists and story boards

I was away for the shot lists and story boards clinic but i still learnt about them.

A story board is basically a comic strip script but doesn’t have much detail at all.

A shot list is a script cut up into all the different scenes but they have a lot more detail than story boards therefore we highly recommend shot lists instead of story boards

Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music found on a non copyright website and is available for free.

If you want to find it on the internet, search up ‘ben sound’ or follow this link.

This music is legally allowed to be listened to and downloaded without breaching copyright.

wireless mic

In the wireless mic clinic we learnt what is/how to use wireless mic’s.

Some things you have to remember and to care for the property:

  • A lapel mic is a mic that you clip onto the person
  • Lapel mics are very fragile so you have to be careful when using them and not be rough
  • When you are connecting the receiver don’t put it on yourself because you might trip over the cords and damage the equipment so put it on the strap that”s on the camera
  • The transmitter is the box that the lapel mic plugs into.  It sends the information to the receiver
  • The lapel mic can be 40 meters away from the receiver.
  • The lapel mic chord can be hidden in clothing
  • The handheld microphone has a transmitter built in.

shotgun mic

when your using shotgun mics you always have to make sure of these things:

before you start filming always have to have the mic plugged in

if you have the shotgun mic plugged in but not turned on it still wont capture any audio

on the shotgun mic there is a dial that means the level of volume so if you have it fully up it will be really loud and might even distort so its recommended to have it about half way

you put the mic on at the top of the camera


if when you try to turn it on the light goes green it means its on

but if it goes red it needs to be charged or it will die soon