Italian cultures

italy-10hf919Learning about Italy’s cultures was  interesting because there are so many different traditions and laws.

In Italy, Italians living in the warmer south enjoy a leisurely life as they take their time to accomplish business. then those from the northern side of Italy feel more pressure and view time as something not to be wasted. Italians enjoy visiting friends, family and neighbours, especially on holidays and on Sundays. Guests invited to dinner often bring a bottle of good wine and a box of chocolates or flowers to the host, unless they are told otherwise. Guests wait for their hosts to sit first and wait for them to eat before they do so.

Then in Australia we all have different opinions and personalities which choose if they want to take their time or rush to get things done. When it comes to having guests for dinner its a more relaxed, chill and hang out then a straight forward dinner. Guests may bring treats such as wine, chocolates or flowers, but it is not expected. We all like spending time with friends and family, but again its more of a chill thing. We have sleepovers and invite friends over. Its not really a big meal or anything like that.

If I lived in Italy I would be so in love with all their fashion because of all the dresses, head pieces and all the beautiful jewellery, but I would find it challenging to remember all of the rules when you go as a guest a someone else’s house. Such as you are not allowed to stretch at the table and you have to bring some sort of gift to the host if you are a guest.

So as you can see Italy is much different to where we live, or is it? Here’s what I wrote about Italy…




its done finally I have finished my skiing film!!!

there were a few changes a long the way but I am very happy with what the finished product looks like.

the day that we filmed we found it really easy to get good footage, but we had one little miss hap. Dad not used the  GO PRO in a while so he was still trying to work things out during the filming stage.

there was a trail that had a lot of jumps so we stated to film that, but little did we know dad was not filming he was taking photos.!!!!

we did not realise until we were home and watching all of the footage.

editing was very challenging because I didn’t  know if I could snip things in half like I can when I use iMovie. so instead of completely losing some audio that dad said while we were skiing I recorded it as a voice over.

I think I very much challenged myself because I only asked for help if I could not find it on YouTube or on adobe support. I felt very determined to get  it done no matter what activities I had on.

I hope that everyone will enjoy it. it was so  much fun to create.



# update

And I’m back again.

Last week I was in falls creak and that’s where I did 100% of my filming!!!

so now I just need to download some footage off of my phone then the GO pro. from my point of view this is where it gets tricky. I have always had multiple problems with the editing stage because of all of the detail that comes with premiere, but this time I have WAY MORE time to archive this challenging stage.

In my last post I mentioned that I was doing a vlog, but things have changed. With out a script I struggled to talk to the camera, so now I have know idea what type of a film it is.

The go pro was a bit of a challenge because of the model that we have you cant see what your filming at the time because it does not have a back screen. I have not actually seen the footage yet because since we got back we have all been quite busy.

There is still a while to go yet but I need to use my time wisely or it will turn out to be a day before its due and only half way into the editing stage and I do NOT want to want to be in that position at the end of the term, NOWAY!!!


T.J Scotland

websites:, Is the loch ness monster real? Nessie sightings. 

This week my family and I are in Scotland!

your probably wondering why I’m writing this on my blog well I have randomly misplaced my travel journal so why not put my travel experience to Scotland on my blog?

Fun fact: I have two great, great grandmothers who were Scottish, one on my grandmother’s side and one on my grandfather’s.

On my grandmother’s side there was a woman called Sarah Dixon who was born in 1883 in Glasgow, Scotland. Then on my grandfather’s side I have another great, great grandmother who was called Ethel McDougall who was born in Sofala, NSW to Scottish parents in 1881.

Besides the cool accents,  in Scotland the main language is English.  The traditional languages of Scots and Scottish Gaelic are also spoken.

So here are some greetings from the Scottish Gaelic language.

English                       Scottish

Hello                           in Scotland they just say hello too.

Good morning          Madainn Mhath

Good bye                    Guidbye

I was talking to grandad over the phone last night and I asked him what he thought the population of Scotland was. His guess was around 5.200,000, and he was pretty close to the actual answer.

So the population of Scotland is……..Drum roll please …………………. 5,404,700!!!

Last night dad was telling my sister and myself about the loch ness monster!!! he tries to scare us but is doesn’t work 🙂

Anyway, he was also trying to persuade us to believe that the lock ness monster is real with all of these fake photos that had been easily edited. Like this one.

 Mum said that anyone can edit if they try.

Out of my whole family dad is the only one who believes that the loch ness monster is real and living in the lake as I write this.

I was watching a video on YouTube and it was a news report. Apparently there was a part of the lake that was predicted to be its hide out because it was small but could fit the estimated size of the monster.  A month later there was a piece of equipment that people sent through the lake to find the hide out but after weeks of searching nothing was found.

This has been my trip to Scotland.




















For my next project I’m going to be doing a short film about… skiing!!!

I will be using a go pro to collect frottage while skiing. I will then transfer the footage to my phone to make a vlog.

I would like my vlog to go to an age group around 10 to 13 because younger children I don’t think will enjoy a vlog more than what a person around my age would, parents and adults I don’t think would choose to watch a vlog because it does not really fit into something they would WANT to watch.

I really want to just entertain people with the humour in my family that know one really sees. skiing is a big part of my family so when we go up the falls creak we try to make the best of the trip and have a great time.

scenes will included, the drive up, skiing and the family!

this is a topic that I love to talk about so I hope that you will all enjoy it.






this week has been a bit hectic.

I have finished my power point with pictures and all. the short film is also done. I have made a voice over to go on top of it as well. I did it at home so it was a challenge to keep the house quite for 10 minutes,  but I’m happy that its all in time with each other:) I made sure it was all in time by watching the film as I recorded and I am pretty sure that lots of other people would have done  If they needed a voice over. well I think I  could say I’m done my passion project, because I did not do a actual film so I did not really have the same amount of work to be done as everyone else.  next time I do one I will be doing a film and most likely a instructional film but I just don’t know what about yet.  I regret not doing a movie because I could have done a lot more to show the message I was trying to get through, but I’m happy with what I have.

Win At The Fair

a couple of weeks ago 6C started a new project.

I missed the first lesson where the class tallied up that the original game was costing our school ALOT of money.

so  changed it to make the school money. Here is what I changed.  I went through a lot of testing to get to this solution. in the second session I just played around with the directions. I started playing with patterns to see if they would get me anywhere and they did.:) 🙂 🙂

here are all the results that I got In the end.

so as you can see

94 people got 0.20

343 people got 0.15

234 people got 0.50

104 people got 1.00

106 people got 1.50

68 people got 2.00

and 51 people got 2.50.

so that all turned out pretty well. I chose those prises because you would still want to have ago if there was a chance you could get 2.50 so that would encourage people to play.

I made two hundred and eighty two dollars.

this was a fun project and I hope that we can do more like it.


This week I will talking about what I have done with production.

So the make up footage I filmed with Sophie a month ago now that I look at it  I think I should re shoot it but I don’t think I have time to do so.

my power  point, I just need to add some cool effects and add some pictures.

next week I’ll be putting my make up footage into premiere and making it a lot faster so we are not all watching me do make up for half an hour.

I have decided to re shoot the make up time lapse hopefully dad won’t brake the camera.

so I have done the filming and fortunately dad did not brake the camera 🙂

the filming went well except for a few times dad messed up with the camera but when I s it up a lot hopefully you won’t be able see it.:)

all I have to do now I edit the time lapse and speed it up ALOT!


myself as a reader

When I read I need quiet otherwise I get distracted. I normally read in bed because I don’t have any distractions. If I’m reading a book I’m interested in, when you look at me I look like I have just seen something so amazing, I’m staring at it. I just finished a book called Grade Six Style Queen and it was a verse novel. I like short stories because I don’t normally have time to read, but every night I try to get mum to read to my sister and I. I like it when my mum reads to me because it makes me more interested because someone I love is reading it. I know that it sounds like a little kid thing but you’re never to old to have your mum or dad read to you.

Birke Baehr’s TED talk

Today we were told to analyse another TED talk. This is my favourite one.

Birke’s main message was about how we should think about what we by and what we eat. I really like his main message because this is what my mum is all about. My family and I only eat food that is made in Australia or from an organic farm.

He used the screen behind him to put up pictures that were related to what he was saying to deliver his message even more than he was already.

Again Birke  used pictures for support with his message the pictures that he used were matched with exactly what he was talking about.

Birke spoke clearly even with his south American accent and spoke with the right tones. He also kept looking out in the audience without looking behind him to make sure he had the right picture or what he was supposed to be talking about next.

I enjoyed this TED talk because my family and I are already doing this and it shows that other people care to.