July 14

Humanities Semester 1


China was one of the most influential empires in history

Also one of the largest empires

Built the great wall of china


Rome –

A very successful and influential empire

One massive army

Prisoners of war would have to be slaved and even battle in the coliseum as gladiators.

July 13


2016 goals –

TO achieve academic excellence.

To  achieve sporting excellence in a sport.

I prefer to win titles with the team ahead of individual awards or scoring more goals than anyone else. I’m more worried about being a good person than being the best football player in the world. When all this is over, what are you left with? When I retire, I hope I am remembered for being a decent guy. – L. Messi
Thank you for reading, until next time…

Reuben F. S. High

February 3



  • I want to focus more in class

Plan: Look at the teacher when she is talking

Look at whoever is talking while they are talking,

Try to join the discussion,

Don’t fiddle with everything I see.

  • I want to read more

Plan: Try to read every night for at least 20 mins,

Set a goal for when I want to finish my book,

Have an interesting book to start off with.


  • To improve my batting in cricket

Plan : Go to the nets as much as I can,

Focus on my batting, not just bowling,

Using my feet and using the proper technique.

December 1



Bonjour everyone, here are some facts on France…

  • France is the largest consumer of electricity from nuclear fuels in the world
  • Since the end of World War II, France has been one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.
  • French (along with Spanish) women have the highest life expectancy in the whole of the European Union.
  • France’s greatest sporting moment came at the 1998 Soccer World Cup when the country hosted and won.
  • Leonardo da Vinci made Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise, France, his home from 1516 until his death in 1519.
  • The French are the inventors of the first digital calculator, the hot air balloon, the parachute, Braille, margarine, Grand Prix racing, and the first public interactive computer
  • French physician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin invented what came to be known as the guillotine as a more humane method of execution. Highwayman Nicolas Jacques Pelletier was the first Frenchman to have his head sliced off on April 25, 1792, in Place de Grève on Paris’ Right Bank.
  • Despite the myth of the French Resistance during World War II, the underground movement never actually included more than 5% of the population; the other 95% either collaborated with the Nazis or did nothing.
  • French journalist and cyclist Henri Desgranges came up with the Tour de France in 1903 as a means of promoting his sports newspaper, L’Auto, today called L’Équipe.
  • A bronze star set in the pavement across from the main entrance of Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris marks the exact location of Point Zero of all French roads.
  • The moldy blue-green veins running through Roquefort cheese are, in fact, the seeds of microscopic mushrooms picked in the caves at Roquefort, France, then cultivated on leavened bread.
  • Outside of Stonehenge, France’s Carnac (in Brittany) has the world’s greatest concentration of megalithic sites. Predating Stonehenge by around 100 years, there are over 3,000 upright stones, most about thigh-high, dating from 5000–3500 B.C


Now for my own what in the world is…


Sablet was a town I went to when I travelled around Europe. It was like my favourite place I’ve been to overseas and I go traveling a lot. What made this town so good was the people and the community. For me, it had the nicest people and kids, for example when we went to play soccer a local junior soccer club was training there and let us join in. although these kids were all like freaks at soccer, it was still a lot of fun and enjoyable for everybody. Another example is that they had like the best pizza I have ever had!! It was soooooo gooooood, you may think that Italy had the best pizza but they tend to make their pizzas thick and cheesy which I don’t particularly like… my last reason why it’s the best is that we got to stay in an awesome house that we rented for the week and the streets were all tiny and yeah it had a really good view from the roof. The food, the people and the scenery was definitely what set this town apart from the others. It was a memory I will never forget.

There is my travel journal for the week, until next time..



French Flag

December 1


Hello everyone! Or should I say sain ban uu. We are in Mongolia this week, here are some facts on Mongolia…

  1. Mongol khöömii, or throat singing or overtone singing, involves producing two simultaneous tones with the human voice.
  2. Snow leopards are native to Mongolia, and one-third of the world’s population lives there. A snow leopard cannot roar or purr.
  3. Thirty-six percent of the Mongolian population is under age 18.
  4. On November 26, 1924, the Mongolian People’s Republic became the world’s second Communist country.
  5. Larch is the tallest tree in Mongolia, with the highest one recorded reaching 148 feet (45 m).
  6. Mongolian is a member of the Ural-Altaic family of languages, which includes Finnish, Turkish, Kazakh, Uzbek, and Korean among others.
  7. The first Mongolian postage stamps appeared in August 1924
  8. On December 21, 2005, George W. Bush became the first sitting U.S. resident to visit Mongolia.
  9. The Mongolian traditional costume is called the deel, which is similar to a caftan or old European-style folded tunic.
  10. Mongolia was admitted into the United Nations in 1961. The United States of America, along with 100 other nations, did not recognize it formally as a country in 1987.
  11. Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world with an average elevation of 5,184 feet (1,580 m).
  12. Many Mongolians still live in a traditional ger, which is a type of tent. Also known as “yurts,” these portable dwellings were traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their homes.
  13. The Mongolian Stock Exchange is the smallest in the capitalist world and is housed in a refurbished children’s cinema.
  14. Mongolia has a total area of 603, 909 miles2 (1,564,116 km2). It is slightly smaller than Alaska and is the second largest land-locked country after Kazakhstan.


Well how about those for some facts!!

Now moving on to Genghis Khan –


Genghis Khan was born “Temujin” in Mongolia around 1162. He married at age 16, but had many wives during his lifetime. At 20, he began building a large army with the intent to destroy individual tribes in Northeast Asia and unite them under his rule. He was successful; the Mongol Empire was the largest empire in the world before the British Empire, and lasted well after his own death in 1227.


Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan himself !!

Mongolian Ger

A “ger”

That’s it from me, until next time..


November 17


Here are some facts on Belgium


Belgium’s official name is the Kingdom of Belgium

Belgium has three separate language-speaking regions – Dutch, French and German

The highest point in Belgium is lower than the world’s tallest building

Belgians are crazy for coffee

Belgian residents mostly live in urban areas

Childcare plays an important role in Belgium

Belgium’s unemployment has been relatively stable during the crisis

Yet the number of women in management positions is lower than the EU average

In 1846, Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone.

Belgium uses the Euro currency, the name of which and the design of the € symbol were first suggested by the Belgians

French fries are believed to have been invented in Belgium not France.

Nearly all Belgians live in cities, the country has an urban population of over 97%.

What in the world is Herge?



Georges Prosper Remi, otherwise known as herge, wrote comics in the 20th century. His bestselling comic was ‘the adventures of tintin’. He also had other comics such as ‘quick & flupke’ and ‘Jo, Zette and Jocko’. He was born in brussells. Hergé began his career by contributing illustrations to Scouting magazines, developing his first comic series. He soon continued his ‘adventures’ and wrote the series ‘adventures of tintin’



Belgium Chocolate Shop

Belgium Flag (Dutch: Vlag van België, French: Drapeau de la Belgique, German: Flagge Belgiens).

November 17



Nyoora woreeyn everyone,

To start off here are some facts –

Australia is the world’s 6th largest country by area.

It is estimated the humans have lived in Australia for around 45000 years.

Australia has over 750 different reptile species, more than any other country in the world.

Australia is a relatively wealthy country with a high life expectancy.

Lake Hillier in Australia is a bright pink colour and scientists aren’t sure why.

In Australia, there are more kangaroos than people, there are 22 million people, oh my god…

Melbourne used to be called Batmania haha what a funny name

24 rabbits were introduced to Australia and then multiplied to 2 million in ten years.


Oasis Anu Ta was traditionally a ceremonial ground for a small tribe of Wathaurong people.  It had a scarred tree where the Wathaurong men performed their ceremonial dances held important discussions and talked about their hunting. It also has a place with circular rocks where the women met to discuss their business.

Australia is the best place to live!!

October 29

Expo Reflection

Hey everyone,

Last night was the year six expo night. I felt really nervous at the start, but towards the end I felt more comfortable. I think It went really well and I am proud of the work I showed. My personal highlight was when we published our sports blogging which we had spent a massive amount of time on. I felt it went extremely well and loads of people chanted a countdown when we were about to launch our website. I also really liked all the photography that everyone showed. It was at a really high quality for year 6’s.  I got really good feedback from a range of people about our website. They said it was really good and had a good format to it.



So that’s my reflection for the expo. What was your highlight? Until next time,


October 26


Hey everyone, here is what I have done for Argentina

Iguazu falls are waterfalls of the iguazu ruver on the border of the argentine province. Of misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana. It falls split the river into the and lower Iguazu. It rises near the city of Curitiba. For most of it, it flows through brazil, but most of it is on the argentine side. he name “Iguazu” comes from the Guarani or Tupi words, meaning “water”, and “ûasú, meaning “big”.

Now for some facts

  • There are over 30 national parks in Argentina.
  • Basketball, Polo, rugby, golf and women’s field hockey are also popular sports in the country
  • Argentina shares a land border with 5 countries including Chile, Brazil,  Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.
  • The capital city of Argentina is Buenos Aires.
  • Argentina has a population of over 42 million people (42,610,981) as of July 2013.
  • Argentina borders the Andes mountain range to the west, the highest point is Mount Aconcagua 6,962 m (22,841 ft) located in the Mendoza province.
  • The Argentine city of Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.
  • The most popular sport in Argentina is football (soccer), the Argentine national team has won the football World Cup twice in 1978 and 1986.
  • The national sport of Argentina is Pato a game played on horseback. It takes aspects from polo and basketball. The word Pato is Spanish for ‘duck’ as early games used a live duck inside a basket instead of a ball.