November 6

Fays Nine’s Reflection

The Fay’s Nine’s activity requires for your total to add up to 999, with a 3×3 square with 9 squares in the middle. Using the numbers 1 – 9 you had to create the total, the numbers you are adding go horizontally instead of vertically.

I started messing around with this problem by trying the bigger number in the units column, middle-ish numbers in the tens column and the smaller numbers inĀ  the hundreds column, we found five base answers and with those answers you could tinker with to make the correct answer of 180.

Some of the patterns i noticed were how the units column it had to add up to 19, the tens column 18 (because you have to carry 1) and then the units column 8. (because the one thatĀ  you have carried) Another pattern that we found to get answers is to mix each column from the base answers and switch them vertically, first the units, then the tens and then the hundreds.

We broke this into parts by mixing and matching from the base answers, because we switched the numbers in the units, tens and hundreds.

With our investigation we found already knew that the answer was 180, we noticed that there was 138 answers if you sorted each answer vertically and then 42 more if you sorted some horizontally, i didn’t get to write this down but we figured it out in my group.

I found this activity VERY challenging because i am not very good at finding these type of patterns and calculating how many there are in each base answer and then adding them all together, i wish to improve on this in the future and any other areas of difficulty .


I couldn’t get 2 images sorry but i have one, my group did a lot of sorting out in there books, i was a little bit confused.