September 16

Term 3 Reflection

Hi and welcome to my term 3 Passion Project reflection, what i found challenging was learning what to say and play the guitar notes and things that i am supposed to play because i sometimes forget and it’s a bit hard to play some of the notes. I really love doing these Passion Projects because i get to share my passions with the class.

September 7

Japan R.V.E

Japan and Australia have a lot in common, like…

  • They both have red in their flag
  • They both have white in their flag
  • They both have under 130 million people living in them
  • They both have different skin coloured

Japan and Australia have some things not in common, like..

  • Japan has more cultural food like sushi, edamame etc
  • Japan has little car’s that are usually used as taxi’s and they’re name’s are tuk tuk’s
  • Japan has different celebration’s
  • Japan has cultural clothe’s called kimono’s

If i were to live in Japan it would be so much different than Australia, for instance the food i would have on a daily basis would be so much more different than Australia, i would have sushi sometime’s and then for all of the products they would usually be Japanese brand’s so they would taste different to Australia, people would be more religious in Japan and there would be different clothing that people would walk around in and things like that!